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Sound Broken

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Okay so I was on my PC last night everything was working fine no issues what so ever. I usually turn my PC off when I go to sleep but this time I didn't not sure if that would have anything to do with what my problems are so anyways I got on today and now my audio is messed up. I can hear music through my headset in very pour quality and voices are extremely faint and or not there. I tried my headphones in another device and they work correctly so it's not wiring of my headset. I tried other set of headphones in my PC and get the same problem. I have 0 idea how to fix it or what to even look for to fix it. And if anyone is about to suggest I pull it out from the port a bit or wiggle it please don't. I have already tried that.If anyone could help I'd be grateful since I'm really frustrated at the moment.

Thank you ^^

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Check volume levels and output settings for OS and sound card
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This might sound really stupid, but try to check the headphones jack and see whether if they are clean. Sometimes dust goes in and it deteriorates the sound quality, or it makes static.
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I cleaned it all and still having the same issue...but now I barely even hear the music every thing is just fading....

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Thank you I'll go try that ^^

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Seems like your default playback device got switched with the communication device.


With your headphone plugged in and playing music, in bottom right-corner right-click on your speaker icon and then select Playback devices.


In the Playback tab, ensure that your Headphone or Speakers is set as the default device (should be a Green check, if it's a Green phone then it means it's set as default communications device which is wrong and will likely cause the issue you're experiencing). To set a device as default, just highlight it and then select "Set Default" from the drop down at the bottom center of the window.


Lemme know how that works out for you.

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Thank you so much....I'm not sure how that got changed... =^^= hugs....

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Glad things are resolved. redface.gif
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