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For Sale: Schiit Lyr Price drop

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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr Price drop

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Excellent condition.


Schiit Lyr with the following tubes:


1 set of stock GE tubes

1 set of stock JJ tubes

1 set of Matsu****a E88CC tubes (Mullard rebrand)

Matsu****a's no longer included, but price dropped.


Includes shipping to US and paypal fees. Was purchased from another headfier less than a month ago, but this has really high gain, so it hissed with my fostex th900's, no matter what the volume level was, but with my beyerdynamic t1's that I don't own anymore no hiss at all. I've purchased a burson soloist instead, and am looking to buy ad2000x's, which I will trade this amp towards if anyone wants to, so this amp has to go. 


PM me if you're interested in buying the stack (bitfrost uber non -usb + this lyr), but the bit frost won't be for sale separately. 

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