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IEMs with button controls

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking for a pair of IEMs to go with my smartphone for on the go listening where isolation is required, that preferably come with button controls for ease of usage. I'm mostly listening to hard rock, electronic and theme music. The budget is around 60 euros / 80$. I'd love to hear your recommendations if you got a second to write. Also, I've got one quick question; do the button controls on headphone cables lower the sound quality somehow?

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Alright, so far I've lined up the following phones:


  • Sony MH1C. Awkward button controls, can we get something like this with 1 button?
  • Klipsch S3m. Cheap, I'm guessing the sound quality is lower on these.
  • Klipsch Image S4 ii. More expensive than it's brother, with probably better quality. Lots of people seem to be complaining about the cable on this one.
  • Soundmagic E10. Relatively cheap, has a ton of good reviews on Amazon (if that means anything).
  • Ultimate Ears 350vi. I've no idea about those, I figured it might be a good choice due to it coming from UE.
  • JVC Hafx1x. A cheap and huge best seller on Amazon. Might be worth the money?


I'll be more than glad to hear your opinion on any of these, or another recommendation :)

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I bought the SoundMAGIC E10m and they turned out to be too big for my ears. Yes, an IEM that is too big that hits the outer part of my ear and causes quite some discomfort.


I would be grateful for some suggestions here guys. Just a couple words, then I'll do the hours of review reading :)

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