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Philips SHL5905 (citiscape uptown) VS Pioneer SE-MJ751

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I'm new here and I got a question about this headphone. I'm dutch, so sorry if my English isn't very well.

I want a new over-ear headphone. It may not be to pricy, so the Philips citiscape uptown looks like a good option to me. What do you guys think about this headphone? The sound quality has to be good for me, and i want a nice, deep bass. The bass is most important for me, because I mostly listen to hardstyle. I'll use it at home and rarely outside (when I'm travelling)

One thing I worry about is that I wear glasses. Is it possible to have the full experience if you wear glasses? Would the music seal stay?

I hope you guys can help me smily_headphones1.gif

Thanks for now.
Greetings from Holland wink.gif
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Philips Uptowns are really comfortable headphones and lovely made. Sound quality is not on the audiophile side, but it's good at their price point. They have a somewhat v-shaped sound signature that's not the best for classical or jazz, but can handle most other genres pretty well. The bass goes deep but it is not as powerful as most bassheads would like to.

Overall, pretty nice headphones, specially if you aren't into classical and other 'audiophile' genres and if you appreciate comfort.

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Thanks for your message. I'm not a audiophile, but i do want a good sound quality as far it is possible for this prize range. I also listen a little bit of rock and some pop, but i don't like classical music or jazz. I like a good bass because i listen to hardstyle but i don't think i'm a real basshead.

I also want a good looking, comfortable headphone and that's why i like the citiscape too. But i still worry about 1 thing:

A friend had the same headphone, and he wears glasses. He returned the headphone because his glasses broke the music seal and there wasn't much bass left. Because of his glasses the sound quality was less. So that's why i have my doubts about buying this headphone. I don't know if this is just 1 case, or is this headphone just not good for people wearing glasses?
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Who can answer my question? wink.gif
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The Uptowns are rather sensitive to the seal in my experience as well. I don't wear glasses, but even using them moving around would disturb the seal a little bit- and I would notice less bass outside and more bass inside. It's because they clamp lightly, and are very comfortable.

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Hmm. I saw that the Sony MDR-V55 is very good too and the music quality and bass is also very nice. I only saw that some people said that the comfort isn't perfect.

What is a better option for me wearing glasses? Which sound quality is best?
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V55 with glasses = unbearable pain. I've tried them without glasses and they seem fine, for 1 or 2 minutes. So between those two, Uptowns all the way. As for sound, the Sony's might, just might, be better for you. I haven't listen the Uptowns, so I can't give you a good comparison, but the V55 have lots of bass

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Hmm okay, so that wouldn't be a smart choice. I saw 1 other headphone on the market, the PIONEER SE-MJ751. How about this one? Right now i doubt between this pioneer an the philips citiscape. Which one can I choose best? Which one has a better sound quality and is a smarter choice bc of my glasses?
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Anyone? Which one is better for me? I think the pioneer has a better sound quality but I don't know if it's smart to choose an on-ear headphone.
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wearing glasses with on-ears can be a good option, I usually (always) put my K450 first and then the glasses on top of the headphones. As they are small, there isn't a noticable difference. However, long term comfort (3 hours plus) will be worse than the Uptowns, and isolation is prabably worse too. But if you don't need that, try to have a go with both of them and see which one suits you better


Sound quality wise, I have no idea. Build Qaulity wise, I prefer the uptowns, as well as for looks. It's your choice ;)

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Thanks for your answer. I think I'll order the pioneer. It is possible to return them in 2 weeks so if the comfort is bad, I can just return them and buy the philips citiscape. I didn't ordered them yet so I still like other answers/experiences!
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I got the SE-MJ751's today, and I have to say they have a somewhat unique sound. Firstly, they are marketed as 808 (dubstep), deep bass, basshead cans, and rated down to 8hz, but they really don't appear to go anywhere near that low. Maybe they're fake? (only paid like $37 shipped). I tried playing some rap songs which were very punchy and deep on some of my other headphones, and instead they just seemed to be farting air, rather than playing anything deep. Almost as if the bass was slightly out of phase.


They do sound agreeable with rock, pop, etc.. and have nice, punchy bass, right out of my phone. Mids overall sound nice, but can be shouty or nasaly at moderate volume, which I don't like. I'm hoping that it smooths out with some burn-in. Anything prone to harsh highs sounds surprisingly nice. Which brings me to my next point. The treble is very laid back, and a bit recessed/muted. It is extremely smooth, incapable of being harsh, but has sparkle and shimmer to it. It reminds me of a silk dome tweeter. The treble has a natural sound to it, that sounds more like a home audio speaker than most headphones. This is a surprising bonus, as I am very sensitive to harsh sibilance, and tend to prefer phones with darker or very smooth treble (senn hd203, aviators, etc...). I have a pair of Roland RH-50's (also dual-driver) sitting in a corner of a closet somewhere. They have treble that's over the top and unbearable. So this is a nice contrast for a dual-driver headphone.


There are definitely things i like about them, so I'm hoping they will grow on me, with time, and/or burn-in. Do me a favor, and play "Wax and Wane - Remastered Version" by Deftones, when u get them, and tell me if u don't hear the same in the treble.

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