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Is one of my Dayton Audio speakers busted?

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Lately I've wanted a decent pair of speakers to hook up to my TV. I read some awesome things about the Dayton Audio B652 + Lepai 2020A+ combo so I decided to place an order.


Hooked it up today and I was initially pretty disappointed. Things just sounded a little...off. At first I got nervous thinking that maybe after these past 5 or so years of using pretty high end headphones (HD600 etc.) that maybe I had just gotten pretty spoiled.


After listening some more though I decided that there was no way this was right. I paid some closer attention and realized that one speaker in particular was being a trouble maker. So I found a few songs that seemed to make the problem stand out and recorded it with my phone.


Here are 3 clips:






Do you see what I mean? It just sounds strained or something. This happens regardless of volume level or bass settings.


I'm not imagining things - this is actually busted, right? Should I ask for it to be exchanged? Has anyone experienced this before? I hope they don't have a high failure rate.. :\



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It's so hard to tell from video like this.

Compare your two speakers and play sine wave test tones sweeps (scroll down for the sweeps). They should sound the same if one is not damaged.
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Wow thanks for that. They sound COMPLETELY different! It's especially telling on the lower frequencies (eg 25Hz) where it sounds like some sort of car engine or siren. It's awful.


I guess I'll ask for a replacement then.


Thanks again!


For those interested, this clip: http://1drv.ms/1q4uDnj shows the first 20 seconds of this sweep: http://www.realmofexcursion.com/audio/testtones/25Hz_to_600Hz_sweep.mp3

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Awesome. Glad you were able to easily tell the difference. Probably not supposed to be able to play at 25hz, though. They are only rated down to 70hz, which means they should roll off pretty rapidly in bass response from there.

I will say that you might be expecting a lot, though, from the Daytons if you are coming from HD600s. Don't get your hopes up that they will all of a sudden sound amazing when you have two working ones. (lol) Although undoubtedly better than crappy tv speakers smily_headphones1.gif
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