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For Sale: Philips Fidelio L2 *Price Drop*

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For Sale:
Philips Fidelio L2 *Price Drop*

Will Ship To: CONUS

I hadn't intended to sell these headphones but a situation has arisen that requires money, so I have to let these go. They're like-new in excellent condition. All original packaging and accessories are included. Currently the only way to get these headphones in the US is to import them.


Listing includes PayPal fees and USPS shipping. If you were to import from currently, as I did, you'd pay roughly $315 for the headphone with an additional $50 in shipping on top using Google's conversion calculator.

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I wish I could help you out.

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Good luck to your sale! These are very good cans, possibly as good as P7.

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Thanks. I didn't want to sell them but a basement leak has changed my plans. I can always import another set down the road once funds have been replenished.

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I'm interested pm me.
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Sale pending.

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