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due to a new video card i can no longer fit my sound card in my computer. i do have a x1 slot above my video card but i figured if i bought a usb sound card i could also use it on my laptop not only my desktop. right now i am stuck using a 2$ usb sound card ( ) because i have no other choice, my desktop onboard does not want to work for what ever reason. the usb sound card im using was originally intended for only using the 3.5mm mic jack to use a stand alone mic on my ps3 but the audio quality for music listening makes onboard on old laptops sound heavenly. i did look around on google before posting on here but i cant really decide between what i narrowed my search down to and i still feel like there is some ''hidden gems'' around the same price that i have not come across yet.


here is the list of usb sound cards ive been looking at



my priority is music (classical, film score, dub, some rap, jazz) followed by movies then games/anime


my comfortable budget is 40$ but i was thinking of squeezing out another 20-25 for the fiio on my list but i am not sure the fiio works as i think it does. im thinking it pulls sound through a usb and can charge through a usb and can have sound pass through it like for example i currently use headphones for my ps3 but i would like to have the ps3 connect to the fiio and then i just plug my headphones the fiio but like i said i am not really sure it works that way. i was also looking at the xonar and sound blaster because they have (global?) eq that works in browsers and games but i read the xonar has driver issues and the sound blaster has (bloatware?) which brought me to the behringer, they both are similar price but i dont know if they work the same way the fiio does minus the portability but there doesnt seem to be any eq software for them either...  i also alternate between headphones, speaker system and earbuds, im not quite sure what i would be satisfied with lol if anyone have some suggestions, info or experience with any of these or ones i dont know about please do post