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hi, i've drawn a lot of useful information from this site, first 2 years ago when i decided to upgrade my sound system. i was researching dac's and of course where would i end up but here?  ended up buying a schiit gungnir along with a nad amp and kef speakers.  anyway, i started luking here again not too long ago, thinking that headphones would provide a solution to my wife's desire for silence [when she's not playing the piano] and my desire for music.


i have my cd's ripped in flac to a vortexbox, which streams to a logitech squeezebox touch, optical out to the schiit dac, then cable to the nad amp.  my folder of favorite jazz cuts is currently 512 [chosen from 2-3 hundred cd's], i really don't listen to any tracks that haven't qualified as favorites, though they're all on my vortexbox.  i recently subscribed to spotify so i could some exploring on the classical side.


i've been listening to jazz and classical for many years, mostly jazz from the 1950's-1970's [straight ahead, not much bop except thelonius monk and a few cuts of coltrane and of bird, brazilian and brazilian influenced, california laid back, lots of sax and piano, but in keeping with california style a fair amount of chet baker], and then more classical mixed in for the last few years [lately schubert, prokofiev, poulenc].  as i write this, i'm listening to mendelssohn on my brand new [delivered this morning] fidelio x1's, and i've got to say you folks have already cost me a LOT of money - i also have a fiio x5 on order, and an m50x.


anyway, for all that you are costing me a lot of money, i've gotten a lot of useful information at head-fi.  i don't know that i'll have much to say here, but i registered because i wanted to thank you all for your contributions to the site.  it's a tremendous resource.

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You should try Stax at some point, doesn't have to be the most expensive stuff. The vintage stuff is also very good.
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Originally Posted by davidsh View Post

You should try Stax at some point, doesn't have to be the most expensive stuff. The vintage stuff is also very good.

i didn't know a thing about stax until i saw your reply to me.  when you say "vintage," i take that to mean that it's worth buying older equipment, used.  especially since i see the top of the line new stax costs over $4000!


1. other than reading the reviews of the stax headphones here at head-fi, are there other things worth reading to understand this equipment?


2  are you saying they are particularly appropriate for what i listen to- jazz and classical?  if so, why?


3. if i understand you correctly about "vintage," do you have any advice about where to look to find them?


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Hi! My name is Yatima. I'm from Thailand and Of course I'm a 25-years-old-Thai-Girl 

. I love music so much That's the reason why I'm start to using good earphones.

But here earphones esp. good one hard to fine and hard to get good advice from so I wanna know more which is the best for my music 

could be. I've own UE 700. Audio technica ATH-m 50 Koss Nu force which I cannot remember the model LoL 

. I'm still wanna figure out  the earphones that change my world of music. Thank you 

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Hey everyone,


I'm on here a lot to read reviews and to check on new info on products but have never posted anything. So I figured it was time to join.


When I started off getting into audio in general, it was car audio. I enjoyed installing new speakers and amps and enjoying the difference in sound. I started realizing that the cost vs. performance gain in car audio was steep, at least for me and wanted to have something I could listen to music and movies without disturbing the neighbors. I stumbled upon innerfidelity when I was doing headphone research for my first decent pair. I had read the big comparison article that included the he-500 up against the top 2 Stax, top 2 Audeze at the time, and the HD-800. Tyll's conclusion for the HE-500 is that is was great value considering the price and what it was up against. So I decided to take the plunge and was blown away at the difference between my car and those headphones. So I gave up on car audio and started doing more reading. I have gone the Schiit amp and dac route so far and have been very pleased. In the future thinking about Audeze, but we will see. Glad to be joining the community!

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Hello came to add some info to the 6SN7 thread.  Got to make a few posts so I can post pics of some tubes in my collection.





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Originally Posted by Denon Frank View Post


My name is Frank and I'm a Headphone Addict, or so it's starting to seem like that. Just getting into headphones and wanted to say what a great site this is. It's already helped me in my first tube amp purchase and headphone upgrade L3000.gif  
Nice me two.just got a pair of like new realistic pro 50 all original. It totally looks like I have speakers strapped to my ears . loving it
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Hey hello, I'm a new member to this great community ! My name's Ricardo, I'm 21 and live in Switzerland. I'm actually a student, so I can't afford really nice audiophile gear... I ordered a pair of TMA-1, they should be on their way, I should get them next week or something.


Well, I don't know what to say about me. I don't play any instruments, I tried to play the guitar but it was a complete failure ! I have like really no sense of rhythm and my ears are so bad... So I just enjoy listening to music. I can't spend a day without listening to anything, music is my religion ;)

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Hello All,


Chunnchilla here. Not a headphone fanatic, but want just that one great, reputable pair that I'm still sort of searching for. Looking for something that goes bump in the night, in the day, wherever, playing whatever. Longtime lurker, finally a new member. I look forward to hearing everyone's opinions and reviews.




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Hi everyone,

Long time reader and finaly joined. This place helped me find my first pair of headphones and they are still sounding great. Do all my listening at work so decided to get a nice system going. Headphones are the Fostex Thunderpants Headphones with the Decware ZEN Taboo MKIII amp, running music off a laptop through the Emotiva DC1 dac.



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greetings to all of head-fi member. Its nice to able join here and reading all the thread. Gives me a lot of lesson and product knowledge about headphone world. At the moment I'm using my pc as the music source (play with foobar) connected to echo audio echo 2 through usb (use the echo 2 as a dac and totally love the sound) then amplified with Rolls RA53b (its not expensive but I think its honest, doesn't add or boost the sound in certain ways. It gives the sound that your dap or dac gives to your ear) and last the headphone is HD600 (been while thinking to upgrade it) thats all from me :D

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Hey guys! I'm relatively new to the forum. Every time I start to do research, somehow I end up back on this site. This site is full of helpful info. Thanks and I'm looking forward to exchanging thoughts with you guys.

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Nice to meet you. What are you into? Personally I dig the vintage gear. I have two realistic pro 50 headphones, a set of rtr 1230 floor speakers and running those with a SAE two 1st series. Hits hard! Now I'm looking for a nice vintage equalizer to get the sound right.if you here anything like that pm me.
Bass head
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I'm new to this forum.  Always have ended up on head-fi for lots of information and reviews when it has come to buying headphones (except when rushed).  I've found a lot of useful information on the site but have yet to post anything or join until now.


Currently, my main source is foobar2k -> optical (192/24) -> fiio e17/e09k -> DT-990 600ohm/ATH-M50WH/Superlux HD-681 (when I decide to pull them out) and I have the Beyer dtx 101 ie's for when I'm out and about. I also have a vintage pair of Acoustic Research wedges that I replaced the foam on and a pair of Presonus Eris E8s (more modern) that I use from time to time.


I generally listen to electronic music, ranging from big room to trance to techno and all across the spectrum; however, I do listen to almost everything (from jazz to metal to classical and everything in between): it depends what mood I'm in and if the trebles make my ears bleed (generally results in me disliking a track regardless of its other qualities).


tl;dr: Long time lurker, finally becoming a member, loving all the insight and knowledge I've gleaned from here over the years and just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is a part of this community for their contributions.

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Hello to all,
I'm a very recent adopter of headphone listening and am currently getting blown away by my second pair, the ATH-AD700.
I've been a HiFi-ist for many years but had never heard really good cans until these and am already contemplating a step up.
I can't imagine I shall have anything useful to contribute for a while but pick things up pretty quickly.
Amused to find that cable rows go on over hear in headphone world too. Argh! There's more to life and music.
I'm Andrew by the way.
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