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Hi there... Luc (from the Netherlands) here


After a little lurking I thought it was time to "contribute" (read: ask a bunch of questions ;))

I am actually pretty new to this hi-fi thing and in the market for a few new things (on-ear headphones (portable) and some in ear)...




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Welcome everyone. Those of you who posted in the last couple of pages should now be able to fill in your profiles.

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@Currawong I want too. Never posted on this thread but have posted a few on other threads. Thanks.

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Aloha, finally signed up and looking forward to finally putting in my two cents' instead of always taking everybody else's. ;)


Not sure if I should go through my minor hardware qualifications here or in my profile... does anybody really read 300 posts into the intro threads? :P

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My name is Marius, I'd like to join this big growing family of head-fi users.

I like to listen to music ocasionally, to relax; and what better way to relax then with a nice quality music, delivered by a nice quality gear. I use my PC to listen to music and I have a DENON m38dab with it's pair of nice stock speakers. I will also get my Xonar Essence STX as soon I get time to have it delivered from my place.


I currently use a pair of Sony MDR ED31LP  which are decent but have a cheap-ish build quality. They served me well though throughout the years, and endured quite some abuse.

I have just ordered a pair of Philips SHL3300 and will use them with my Nexus 5 and my PC onboard soundcard (for now). A portable cheap player is next, as I don't intend to root and abuse my Nexus5 before I get a spare phone.


On with the reading now!

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Hi there, 


I recently just started getting into high end audio stuff.  I wanted a nice set of head phones and not beats or anything like those.  A co worker recommended some Beyerdynamics 770's Pro 80's.  So I went ahead and scored an open box pair off ebay.  I also went ahead and got a FiiO E7 Andes headphone amp to go along with them.  I am new to the whole audiophile grade of headphones.  Not sure what to expect so I am excited to see what they sound like.  I thought I'd give this forum a try and so far I really like all the info I am finding on here.  

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Welcome. You can now all fill in your profiles. :smile:

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 I am from Singapore and have been reading this forum for past 6 months. I dont think I ever had a question that some one didnt have before....Anyways, long story short, After spending hours on the forums, i bit the bullet and purchased my set from Custom-Cable (the deal was posted in this forum). Thoroughly enjoying the kit. Now the next set of upgrades are the headphones which are currently Shure 215. 


Current Setup: AK120 + Shure 215 OR Note 3 + FiiO E18 + Shure 215. 

Music: Indian Classical/Fusion, Rock, Some Metal Tracks, Pop. 



I was auditioning various headphones, but havent found any to replace my Shure 215. So far, I have auditioned, CTM 500, Westone W40 and did not like the sound. I tried the FitEars (dont remember the model number, was recommended by the sales man) but they were WAYYY out of my budget. Anyways, will continue reading to see what I learn from the fellow members here. 

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Thanks for the activation. :D

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I've been an audiophile ever since i walked into a shop in Tampa playing Chopin on a pair of Magnepan 3.6's backed by Linn Klimax equipment and fell in love. I quickly found out that i could only go so far with a full two channel system without forking out some major cash so gave up for a number of years. I recently started reading threads in Head-fi when i was looking for a (small) upgrade to my $150 Shure IE's which i used to listen to mostly MP3 music at work...... Ended up with Beyer T1's, WOO WA2, and Matrix X-Sabre and am building a decent collection of DSD music. I'm happy to say that i am extremely close to that nirvana i experienced in Tampa all those years ago. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the many reviews and discussions that led me to my new rig.
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Hi, everyone.


I am no audiophile, however, this seems to be a nice place to visit before investing on a new toy.


Fortunately, I will not bother you very often, since I'm a little stingy. :)



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I've finally decided to start contributing after about 6 or 7 months of simply perusing thread after thread. I had no idea there was a gear community of this size out there! I'm a music lover of all kinds and an audio pro with experience in tv, video and radio production. I have a few albums to my credit as well. I have a load of mid-fi gear including the following:
DT880 600ohm
DT990 pro
Ultrasone Pro900
VModa M80
And a few others... Along with a half dozen amps or so.

This is a fun hobby. I love it. Looking forward to contributing!
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Hi Folks,

I finally decided to join the community too. After getting tiered of those 10$ earbuds I startet to get into headphones. Since I went to school that time my budget was quite limited. After a bunch of research I got my Koss PortaPro. That day my addiction started. Next can I purshased was the Superlux HD681 with velour pads for music and gaming. I really enjoyed those cans. After about 2 years of usage I wanted to upgrade. So I had done some research and came to Head-Fi. You guys are simply awesome. Now I enjoy reading the getting started threads for new ideas. Hopefully I can contribute to the community from now on.
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Hi my name is Adam, I create an account here as to commemorate my pursuit of ideal sound hehe

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Hi all relatively new member here. Been into headphones for a while and thought I'd give this forum a shot. I guess I'll start off by listing some of the things I've tried. Currently I'm running Modded Fostex T50RP headphones with an o2/odac as my source with Beyerdynamic DT990 Premiums as my secondary set mostly for gaming. In the past I have tried Pioneer SE-A1000, Sony MDR7506, Audio Technica M50S, Beyerdynamic DT770, AKG K612, Sennheiser PC360, and Hifiman HE400. I've tried other headphones but those are the only ones I have owned. Looking to get a Fostex TH600 soon. 


Oh and I also have a question if anyone would be kind enough to answer: Is there a requirement before I can change my avatar photo? I tried to change it and it says I don't have the permission to do that. 

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