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Hi guys glad to be here I'm looking to level up my headphones.


Needed some help finding one but the thread I started almost 24 hours ago still is not showing up!!!! How long does it take to get moderator approval?!?!?!

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Hi everybody,


I am happy to now have finally joined the Head-Fi community, this is my first post.

I am living in Germany and am using the following gear:

- Mac mini Mid 2009 (ML 10.8.5, 64 GB OWC SSD, 16 GB OWC RAM, PureMusic 2.02),

- T+A DAC 8 connected via USB 2 to the mini,

- Bakoon HPA-21 Headphone amplifier,

- Sennheiser HD 800 Headphone.


I could honestly not be happier with this set-up which makes me smile every time I am switching it on.


Best Regards,



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Hi Everyone!


I'm new here, and basically not an audiophile but just aiming to listen to good sounding music!

Currently using:
-AudioTechnica ATHM50 (portable mode)

-AKG K550 (loving it being comfortable, and being less bass-y)

-FiiO X12 + LOD

-Ipod Classic 160GB

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Hi guys :) 

I have been on head-fi four couple of years now just reading many threads and head-fi helped me with purchasing my curren setup which is HD558 with e10 but i am currently looking into upgrading the rig so that means lot of head-fi again :D Anyway i decided to get more involved with the community here and invest more time and money into this hobby.



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Dear Head-Fi,


I've been lurking on these forums for over a year now and I finally decided I should create a login so I can participate!


I am the proud owner of some HiFiMAN HE-500 headphones which I think are just amazing.  However, my perfectionist nature means I am always on the lookout for something better!  I am currently using an O2/ODAC Amp/DAC out of my Hackintosh but have recently ordered an Audio-GD NFB-11 as I want to test out the theory that the HE-500's sound better with more power (> 1W).  I also have on order some HiFiMAN FocusPads as featured on the HE-560 to replace the velour pads that I am currently using.  We'll see!



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Hello fellow seekers of audio enlightenment, I wish to join you with a few reviews and to chew the audio gristle awhile!


I'm firmly in the mid-end (?) category in terms of the equipment I own (HE-400, old AKG K240DF/Sextetts and various in-ears up to a PFE232) but have access to some top gear which I'm going to spill my beans over on.


I have some Dita Answer Truth Edition IEMs just now and will post my impression of the Hugo soon, if I can.


Cheers for a great forum!

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Hello, I recently got a sound system in birthday present and after that I invested in a B&W p5, and became really happy with them, after that I was lost and wanted to learn more about high quality sound equipment, and ended up here! So hello! (Bought a FiiO e06 and sansa clip+ as well after arriving here)

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Hi people of head-fi, I have been using head-fi for about three years in some way or another and have finally decided to join the cult, I hope to improve my audio knowledge and get recommendations for my setup here. To summarize, I just wanted to say I'm glad and honoured to be here!
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Hi guys, I'm Grég or Gricha, coming here to find some help with my Sennheiser wireless headphones. I'm a happy user of a Sennheiser HD 25-1 for the music, and a Sennheiser RS 120 for video/TV listening.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Andy. I am a DJ and a dabbler in music production and have been a lurker on head-fi for a little bit.

I hope to learn more by being an active member of this community :).


Hope everyone is doing well.



Audio technica WS77

2x Rokit 5's Gen 3

Bose Companion 3's? (not sure)

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Hi guys. Having googled around and not found any satisfying answers regarding a purchase I made I'm mainly here looking for suggestions/opinions on wireless earphones.

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Hello everyone! I'm a long time lurker that decided to make an account after a recent purchase (Lyr 2, Uberfrost USB and HE-560). This place is an awesome trove of information and I am excited to learn even more and become involved!

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Hi guys, xb500 user, aurvana's on their way, slowly I will get to higher quality cans, no hurry =)

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I am a middle school teacher, writer, and artist.  And an audiophile!


I've been into audio, more or less, since the bug bit me in 1994.  I haven't gotten into headphones, but have a pretty decent system that I'm about to change:  A pair of Martin Logan reQuests, anchored by an old Mark Levinson ML-9 amp and using a Schiit SYS passive preamp (I sold my Arcam AVP700 preamp/processor to make room for funds for another preamp or forgo them altogether and just use the SYS in conjunction with a high end DAC I'm saving up for) as an interface between my Technics 1200 turntable (don't laugh) with a Ortofon 2M Blue phono cartridge and a phono preamp, my Roku media player, Samsung Blu Ray player, and Panasonic plasma TV.  


The changes?  Like I said, I'm saving up for a high end DAC to facilitate the playing of computer files into my sound system.  I am also looking to sell the reQuests (which are gorgeous and sound great) with a smaller speaker, as my wife says they dominate our living room.  I'm leaning towards Von Schweikerts, new or used, as their replacement (probably the VR-22's or 33's, although the VR-4 or 5 used might fit the bill!).  And, I may eventually buy a tube preamp.  All this on a teacher's salary!  Oh well...


Anyways, it's a pleasure joining your group.  






Juan C. Ayllon

Ayllon Media

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hi everyone, i am an electronic amateur/hobbyist'', and had been using headphone lately for given multimedia purposes. As the vast audio field interest me in all ways, just signup here to share and take!

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