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Hello. Newbie here as well. Have always looked here for earphone recommendations though.

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hi i have lurkt on the forum befor and joined for my love of socres,  john williams Zimmer Elfman etc.

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Hi all new member here! Excited new journey here for building a portable/desktop headphone system.

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Whats up guys, new here, been reading since 2010 or so but only registered today to ask certain questions.

Past headphones/earphones are:
Denon AHP372
Bose OE
Meelectronics M6
Koss Porta Pro
And the only active in my roster the Shure SE215 SPE with Fiio RC SE1.

Hope I can step my game up soon.
Thanks for this wonderful forum guys.

Coming from a sneaker/car/console/mma group, I could say that audiophile people are the best to conversate with, knowing that the only goal is to appreciate music better.
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Hi, I am quite new here. Just got myself a SE846. Looking to pair it with a good DAP. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
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Good afternoon, my name is Kevin, and I'm a music lover with tastes for all types of music. I used to sell semi-high-end home theater equipment and have been enjoying the benefits of high quality equipment for many years now. Although, I never knew how much I didn't know until I stumbled upon this website one day. I do hope to rectify that though. Here's to the hope of an even better appreciation for the auditory arts.
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Hi everyone! Name is Russ (or Zoan if you prefer). I'm a big time music lover, thanks to my parents turning me onto it early. (First two albums heard: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon, and The Who - Quadrophenia) Mostly into classic (late 60's to early 80's) and Prog Rock, but also listen to other genres. Recently got an iBasso DX50 player, which makes my old iPod sound like... well, you know. :) Well be coming here for info on firmware for it, as well as looking for headphones and just to generally look around and see what catches my eye.

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Hello all. New member here so just introducing myself. Been a music junkie for a long time, but this is my first venture into HiFi. I've been lurking these forums for a while, but i just picked up as couple cans so i figured that it's about time for me to join. Looking forward to learning a lot from you guys.
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Hi, just joined today. I used to be in audio ignorance, but after a coworker let me listen to his headphones (with amp/dac) I can't think of my cheap ear buds at work, or my sound bar at home, the same. He pointed me here so I could learn more!

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Hey folks, signed up to see if I can get any recommendations on new headphones, look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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Hey everyone! Have been lurking around the forum ever since I got my ATH-M50x. Joined to see if I can get recommendations on upgrading smily_headphones1.gif
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Another new member.

I have been Home Theatre mad for 20 years or so now and decided to take music more seriously. It seems to be my new addiction and have been buying DAC's for my speaker chain.

So I have also decided to go to headphones and I now like them more than my speakers and 3 subs.

My first rig is a Oppo HA-1 headphone Amp plus Senny HD-700's. So far so good.

In the future I would like to get a dirtier sounding HP. For jazz and blues. Something less bright, bloated mid-range and bass.

Any suggestions?

Thinking Oppo PM-1 or 2. Audeze LCD2 or HiFiMan ???
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Hello after lurking this site for a couple of years, I decided to join. I'm mostly into the low-budget gear, and I like electronic music.
My current setup consists of a Superlux HD681 EVO, and in the past, the original HD681; they are driven by my netbook from 2010 and occasionaly, my phone. I'm planning to buy an amp soon.
Hope to have a good time as a registered user!
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Greetings fellow audiophiles,
Been using this site as my number 1 audio related questions option. Finally decided to make an account and get involved as well as pose some questions of my own.
Currently, I have an e11, with a pair of dt770 pros running from my HTC one m7.
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Hello to all the new members! :beerchug:

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