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Originally Posted by Julienstanford View Post

I've been here for about a month. Shortly after joining I bought some custom Grado 225e off a fellow Head-fi-er. When I received the headphones they were broken. The seller started telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about, or they must have been damaged in shipping.

I asked the seller for a refund, they were very rude while at the same time offering a $50 repair token for repairs. I excepted and then they were even wore aggressive and accused me of slander. Since those PMs I've made a video I'd like to share so others can see the performance of these headphones. These headphones don't produce clear detail, and the sound is really quiet sub 400 Hz. If played louder they become flat with light distortion, I think this is because there's glue on the speaker diaphragm. Anyways, I can't seem to post in the buyer/seller feedback.

So, I just want to know where is the right place to discuss this problem?

I really don't think I've been treated fairly. In out last message, the seller told me to "stop your whining and move on before this gets out of control".


You can contact the admin or mods through this link.  They try to keep the site hostile free. They should be able to help you out.




Hope this helps!



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Originally Posted by HAWKEYE7 View Post

 Wow, I did not expect to get a reply so quickly. That's gat and thank you both very much.  


A) To start out, I think IEM’s are where I would like to begin. I will definitely want to pick up a pair of Over Ear headphones at a later date, but right now a fine set of IEM’s is what I need.


I hope this gives you a fair idea of what I'm hoping to achieve. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated and welcomed.

Thank much.



You are very clear about your needs which is good. I did forget to ask you one other important question: What is your budget? I am just going to list a few headphones based on your needs in various price ranges:


The following IEMs fit flush in your ears when you wear them as shown in the below picture. Works great if you decide to sleep wearing these


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90



Shure SE215 - $99  

VSonic GR07 - $100-$120 - Audiophiles highly recommend these. Compete with IEMs in the price range of $300-$500

Audio Technica ATH-IM70 - $110

Shure SE535 - $480 - Another great pick. 


There are some great IEMs from a brand called Westone and also other IEMs from Audio Technica's IM line. But I have no knowledge about those. I will let other members comment on those.

Like I mentioned these style IEMs wont stand in your way when you try to sleep in them. 


I find the regular style earbuds to poke my ears when I lay on my side as they stick out. May be that is not the case for all people. But if you are looking for regular earbud style IEMs, then here are some choices.


Yamaha EPH-100

RHA MA-750 - $130

Dunu Titan 1 - $140

Dunu DN-1000 - $180

Dunu DN-2000 - $260

Etymotic HF5 - $130 - Great Isolation

Etymotic ER4 - $300 - Great Isolation


Hope this helps!



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Originally Posted by vishnusiddharth 
wonderful advice, thank you.

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Hi guys. A new audiophile here wanting to meet new people that share same passion. Not owned anything amazing yet for my music enjoyment but I sincerely hope we can get along and have someone guide me in buying smart for my first good hearing gear. :U

Pleased to meet y'all. biggrin.gif
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