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Hi everyone


I'm Dollique from switzerland :3

I registered here at Head-fi to learn more about High Quality Headphones and DAPs/DACs.

I'm using a Sennheiser HD25-1 II since about 5 to 10 years now and I want to buy some more great stuff for greater music quality than I have now ^w^


Hope to somewhen experience what it means to listen to music like an "audiophile". But I think I've a long way to go and even though I'm interested in IT I mostly don't understand the technical details of most gadget > <


Oh and for my person: I'm an Japan, anime, games etc. addict, like to listen to music whenever I can. I also play bass guitar for about 4 years now (using my Sennheiser often). I'm working full time as a Webmaster so I know a lot about web and stuff~ :3


That's all I think (^w^)

Happy to meet you all here :3


oh and Sorry for my bad english mistakes < <

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Hi all,


Hail from London, UK. Lurking here a while, in need of some advice. Been using a Sennheiser HD201 for music, movies and tv shows and looking to get my first decent pair of headphones. I would like a wide soundstage, fairly neutral and good for virtually all musical genres. Suggestions?


Intially looked at the DT770 Pros because they were closed back, but switched focus to the DT880 Premiums because they seem to fit my list above (and they are very pretty!). Looking at second hand pairs (cheap option to test the waters) and came across the 600 ohm variant for a decent price. Right decision?


What is the isolation/sound leakage like on the DT880's because I could get away with them at home in a closed room if the leakage is okay. Also are the 600 ohm the best variant? I know they would work best with an amp; just not got the funds for both the phones and amp currently.


Having read the forums, the cheaper amp/dac options for me seems to be the Schiit Magni+Modi and the O2+ODAC (the Epiphanpy version here in the UK might be have to be my option owing to the addtion of custom fees for others). Any other suggestions?


Thanks for reading.

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Hey everyone,


Longtime lurker first time poster here.

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Hi, I'm a newbie forum person. I recently have become interested in headphones and headphone amps and would love to tap fellow head-fi.org forum members experience. Christmas 2013 I purchased the Schiit Modi and Magni stack for my computer. Loved the improved sound and wow that's what headphone listening is all about. Next I purchased a Schiit Bifrost DAC for my to 2 channel audio system and moved my Schiit Magni headphone amp to this setup. Again WOW! Now my Grado SR80's and Shure SRH840's sounded amazing! But wait how would higher quality cans sound? Ran out and purchased a pair of HiFiMan HE500's...it just keeps getting better! What's next? I don't know, can it still get better? I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks!
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Oh~Oh!  I want in on this, too!


I'm sort of new.  My name is Mitch--based in SoCal/LA county.  I came across head-fi three-four months ago when I began digging into high quality-sounding headphones...have progressively become active reader for two months...posted a few things here and there.


I love listening to music and playing (only know just a bit of guitar, bass, drums, and piano).  Love learning the language used to describe sound.  Some of the reviews around here...seriously, it sounds like eating food or drinking wine...makes me drool.


My first "real" purchase was in January of this year with the Klipsch Image One-II.  I was quite proud of them until I tried ATH-AD900X and Fidelio X1's. I have settled (for now) on the X1 with Fiio E17, but I already know this isn't the end-game for me.  I am currently educating myself bit by bit for better understanding of the frequency spectrum and equalizers...consequently, I am beginning to understand the kind of sound signature I want, as well as how to properly utilize mixers for live music.  I am quickly becoming a headphone enthusiast but hopefully will learn the lingo, technical details, and theory well enough to be able to properly jump into conversations around here (not looking to be a bigwig but simply be educated enough to articulate properly and know what I'm talking about--and also help others who step into this world of craziness).


Welcome to all others, too. (^_____^)

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Cool! I'm from southern Ontario near Toronto. I have been an audio enthusiasts since the '70's but hardly spent any time with headphones...up until about 6 months ago that is. With my recent headphone, DAC & headphone amp I'm enjoying another separate audiophile system and LOVING it!
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New here, great forum. Thanks for all your contributions.

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Hello everyone, I am a new guy from China. I am quite new to HIFI, wishing to learn from this great site!

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Hey there.

I'm Andrew, a brand new member of this site. I'm mostly here to receive some much needed help. Other than that, I'm always happy to join a new community. I lurked for a little while before making my account (no more than a day), doing research on various headphones. So, I all ready have a lot to be thankful to this site. I plan on sticking around for quite a while!


[EDIT:] I noticed that I hardly said a thing about myself. So, I think I'll add a bit more.


Like I side, my name is Andrew. I've always been a lover of music, but I haven't had the pleasure of owning a superb pair of headphones. Honestly, the best cans that I've ever owned are some Skullcandys that I had in early high-school - that's saying something. Regardless, premium sound is essential to me, so I often find myself browsing the web in search of something that I'd be proud to own. Unfortunately, times are tough, and jobs are hard to come by - especially when you're a senior in high-school. Because of that (along with the fact that I don't come from any sort of wealthy family), I don't have the means to go out and buy a nice pair of headphones or a boisterous sound system. That doesn't discourage me, though, and I'm looking into products that are in my price-range.


Now, that's enough of about my financial situation. I'm an avid music listener of all sorts of genres. Underground hip-hop legends such as MF DOOM and Kool Keith join the ranks of the soulful bellows of Charles Bradley, the controlled chaos of death metal groups, and the colorful voice of Regina Spektor in my music library. There truly aren't many artists that I turn down without second thought (sadly, that doesn't include most of what you find on the Top 40 list). Right now, I'm focusing more on today's underground and up-and-coming emcees, such as Isaiah Rashad, Chance the Rapper (fitting name, eh?), Ratking, Bishoh Nehru (thanks to MF DOOM), and Vince Staples. That doesn't stop me from listening to Death or Sleep from time-to-time. Don't even get me started on how I can fall into the stories created by The Decemberists in their lovely songs.


Outside of the music world, I'm a relatively normal teenager. My intelligence is higher than my work ethic, which definitely isn't a sight seldom seen. Basketball is by far my favorite sport, both to play and to watch. Most others bore me to sleep when watching, while I can enjoy participating in just about anything that involves physical activity. I used to run cross-country, but I quit because of issues with my coach. In my sophomore year of high-school, I joined my school's JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program. For those of you who don't know, it's essentially military school for one period of the day, every day. There are multiple teams involved (Raider Team, Leadership Team, Color Guard, Marksmanship Team, Sabre Team, PT Team, and more), and I'm a member of quite a few. Through JROTC, I gained the majority of the people who I now have the pleasure of calling my closest friends.


Outside of the 'real world', I like to spend my time on forums. My real-life personality translates into me enjoying being part of the community online as well. I used to play Minecraft, so I became involved in the forums for that. I used to play Runescape, and the same thing occurred. Basically, my interests draw me to forums, and forums draw me to become a member of the clan. Perhaps the same will happen here!

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Hello everyone. Have been reading these forums for almost two years, and made some very satisfactory purchases based on information obtained from this site. I´m from Russia but now living in Mexico (here ATH M50 costs normally 340 dollars or 220 if lucky).

I found interesting the fact that I started this headphone journey (my wallet probably hates me now) when I was amazed by the sound of Panasonic RP-DJS400 (now can´t stand their extremely muddy, boxed in sound and on-ear-death-grip design). Back then spending 30-50 dollars on a headphone felt like it was a lot...  

Recently I discovered that I like bright, very clear/transparent, mid-centric headphones that sound natural (I prefer se535 without filters and still feel the need to boost treble significantly) and have a good soundstage (love the X1 for soundstage only). Now looking for some new headphones or IEMs (can´t help myself but to have the curiosity to experience how much better the Hi-End headphones sound).


Thank You all! 

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Hello, I'm Marvin and I love headphones and DUBSTEP XD

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Hey guys im Leigh nice to be here. I was hoping to get some advice on gaming with my fidelio x1s which are on the way how would i go about asking that.
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kia ora from New Zealand!

I fall into the long time lurker - first time poster category.  I've often swung by here to check reviews of headphones I've been interested in...  so thanks for all of the info, reviews and recommendations!

I love listening to music, and will listen to most genres/styles.  I like music from ABBA through to Zapp.  Probably not so much 'international' or folk.

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Originally Posted by Gamer-Fi View Post

Hey guys im Leigh nice to be here. I was hoping to get some advice on gaming with my fidelio x1s which are on the way how would i go about asking that.


I have minimum gaming experience with it...but the little I did use it for, it was amazing so take it for what you will.  I had a few of those moments where I heard a sound and thought it came from somewhere in the room rather than the headphones...but that also happened with music-listening. (^_____^)

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Hello I'm Cody, recently ordered a pair of sennheiser HD650s and a fiio e12, this site was and is great help thank you all.

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