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Hi all,


Been visiting for a while now, finally decided to join as I'm getting interested in high-end audio.

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new to the headfi...been in audio though for many years...hope to contribute..just picked up a pair of yamaha's

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Hello. Came here to get some advise from you people!!!

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Hi all,

I'm new to the audio world and I've been reading threads from this site for a while now so I finally joined to get some headphone and amp advice.

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My name is Christer, I'm 22 years old and is machine engineer student. 

Ive been into Hi-Fi for awhile and got some Dali speaker setup which I love really much.

I also got a Denon AH-D600 with Rega Ear MKII cause I recently moved out, and cant play at satisfying loudness anymore... :P 


Thats pretty much me! 

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My name is Sam. I made an account to purchase the HD 598s and I'm expecting them Monday. They'll be my first audiophile headphones so I'm very excited! 

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Hi to all the new members! I suggest you immediately cut in half any valid credit cards before proceeding any further.
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Hey all, figured I would say hello. My name is Troy and I am brand new to this stuff. I grew up with my grandfather doing tv repair and have always had a thing for the old tubes, so when I come across the bravo amps I instantly wanted one.

I jumped right in and picked up the little bear p-1 amp, a set of ATH-T200 headphones and about 14 tubes that I could get decent deals on from eBay. I have spent countless hours the last two weeks reading about all kinds of stuff on the forum. So far I have also picked up a broken bravo v2 that I was able to get working for my son and have already rebuilt both amps with most of the suggested mods.

Something makes me feel my credit card is about to take a hit. smily_headphones1.gif I love projects, so I believe my next step will be building a senngrado minus the grado part. Already doing my parts hunting on eBay. Then maybe a project starlight or ember.

Looking forward to ready many more great posts from you guys.
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I've been reading these forums for a little over 3 months now, digesting everything I can! Thought I'd sign up and say hello. My name is Leslie and I have to say I found this community to be a little treasure :D


I started off with an Asus Xonar D2X and a DT880/600 a few years back. Later I built myself a Bottlehead Crack. Then when I came across here I purchased a Schiit Valhalla (not knowing 2.0 was right around the corner!) with an Uber Bifrost the next week :D

Thinking of trying to sell two of the four, seems a bit redundant and then maybe getting a SS amp.


Currently trying out a T1 and AKG K712. Love the T1 compared to the DT880 and it seems to pair very well with a Valhalla. Though my wallet hates me for it. Still on the edge whether to keep it or return it. The crack also sounds nice but I much prefer the Valhalla over it. Not sure why. On the side note I am a fan of tremble.. and sound stage! (Since I play FPS competitively) and I love female vocals.


Experience with the K712 and Valhalla is horrible >< I am guessing cause it's not meant to be used with OTLs? Has a nasty echo in everything I play. Kind of like you're playing music below an overhang or alley.


Anyway. Looking forward to learning more and possibly trading/selling equipment to try new things down the road.


Very much open to suggestions on new things to try or read. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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thought i just quickly introduce   my self before i start asking alot of question,im  totlt new to this site and audio in general .


my name is Eshan im from England, ive been busy past year or so building my PC been learning about each component.  im happy to say its done, just got few mods t left to do on the case, the last component to work is on the audio which i thought woudent be a problem boy oh boy was i wrong.


after talking to wonderful guys at OCUK they informed that their was a massive discount on some headphones so ive ordered some AKG Q701 headphones should be here in couple of weeks.




now that i ve got the balling rolling now i need to do some research and ask alot of question, 

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Hey guys, just arrived at these stops, hoping to get some knowledge.

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Hello everyone, my name is Jay - my introduction is way overdue, but since I'm more active on these boards recently, I thought an introduction won't hurt.

My journey begins with Hippo Shroom IEMs, which was gifted to me. Having zero knowledge on audio at the time, I was blown away by the sound. That triggered my interest in audio, and this is when I stumbled upon Head-Fi, and has been an active lurker here ever since.

Fast forward to RE-262, I was hooked on the transparency and it's spaciousness, that not even SM3 and W4 can match. When it finally broke on me, and Hifiman conveniently discontinued them, I ventured into headphones. After a few setups I finally found the perfect sound I was looking for - Audeze LCD-2. Ultra transparent, and basically an improvement all-around from the RE-262, I gained my audio bliss - admittedly in a much heavier, clumsier and more expensive way.

Now, I'm actively participating in the boards to return the favour - hoping to share the experience I have gained over these recent years, thanks to the Head-Fi. biggrin.gif
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Hello All,

            Joined to learn and make my first educated purchase regarding headphones, I have two sets of mansoon speakers with subs, and some noise canceling sony's I bought ages ago. I want some good cans, I have a 13 hour road trip coming up and want to be able to zone out through periods of it I was about to pull the trigger on some QC15's but decided I research everything else I purchase so why not my audio gear. Here I am hoping to suck up as much knowledge as possible and hopefully score a good set of over-ear phones on the forums buy/sell before my trip. Typcially listen to several types of music but Tool/RATM are my favorite unless I am geeking out on the daft punk tron sound track.

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Hello guys. I just registered this forum because I'm starting to get interested in quality headphones and I want to learn and get some recommendations from the community. I have a pair oh HD 201s that I want to upgrade now.
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Hey guys,

I have been lurking through here for a while, but I might as well introduce myself. I am a programmer who loves audio, my first real set of headphones was a pair of Sennheiser HD490's that were hand-me-downs from my pops. I have had them for roughly 18 years now and still love them. 


I dig trip-hop, DIY audio equipment, and wicked sweet programs :)

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