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Hello Everyone,My name is Sim Shih Heng (Chinese name,Ha!) And I'm a Student.Because of this forum I Recently Upgraded from the Beyerdynamic XP1 In-Ear Headphone to Audio-Technica ATH-M50xbl.I got a very bad English too.So,I wish I can found an Headphone amp that suit me at the future.

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as said above :) lurker for years, learning n trying to learn for years. 


picked brains of random people many times too ...


i am Anant from India. Music i enjoy mostly on my PC, decent system.  Want to improve my portable music experience presently.

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Yo. My name is Chad. I'm new to headphones and new to forums. So far things haven't been going in my favor, but hopefully that'll change soon.


I listen to all kinds of music via Spotify most days during work - no headphones. When I listen (and really dig in) to music at home, I listen to vinyl through headphones. Last year I bought a pair of Monoprice 8323s, and I liked them a lot, but I gave them to my oldest daughter. I also bought a pair of Monoprice 9397s. I liked them as well, but they didn't fit my ears, so I gave them to my youngest daughter. Now I just have an old pair of Pioneer SE-205s (inherited from my father-in-law), but the left channel is in and out. So I need new headphones pretty bad.


I'm looking for some entry- to mid-level, portable headphones and am wide open to suggestion.


Please and thank you.

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Hi, my name is Gabriel. I've been an avid gamer(ps1, ps2, ps3, game boy, psp and 3ds, my favorite genre is rpg) and music listener(lots of rock and acoustic music, ocasional instrumental, electronic and rap) in my teen years, currently working on getting more serious about those interests. After lurking here on head-fi for about a month, I now have a xonar u7 and a denon adh1100 on the way for my soon to arive gaming laptop, as well as many future plans! In the next months I intend to acquire a dac and amp stack, a portable hifi player and amp, and a few more headphones such as beyerdynamic dt990 and akg612! And many more after that!

The forums have helped me a lot, I intend to soak as much knowledge and experience I can and hopefully help a few people along the way, all the while exchanging thoughts and impressions with you headfiers!
Thank you and see you all soon!
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Hi I'm Simon,


Long time reader, seldom poster. Used to play in rock bands and dabble in sound engineering back in the day, have owned a few full size and in ear phones. Currently have the ATH-M50s for home listening, and on the hunt for a good iem for out and about.

Also, have used, Kipsche, Velodome, various Sony's (including MDR-1RBTmk2) and Audiofly headphones and still have a pico slim that I'm getting rid that I bought ages ago thinking I was going to get a pair or JH-16s that never happened.

Mostly just use Samsung Note3 these days for music, or occasionally dust off my iPod classic.




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Hi fellas.
Just registered an account last week. I have lurked for the last few months getting the headfi fever. Now I have a small collection of IEMs. I have enjoyed all the music through them. Thanks for reading.
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Hi there - just joined having ordered some AKG Q701's and a Fiio E07K DAC. 


I've been doing a lot of listening to music recently while working and the AKG K77's I have just don't quite cut it after a recent Hifi encounter....


It all started when I took my Rega P3 in to a local dealer shop for a service and new cartridge and idly tried on a pair of Marshall Major's, then the shop owner handed me a pair of German Maestro GMP 450 Pro's and I was floored with the wide open sound and clarity. Over the last few weeks a round of hifi shops followed and after trying everything within budget available locally. The only ones that came close to the GMP 450's for my aural taste and bettered them marginally in value, comfort and a very slightly 'easier' sound, were the K701's. I'm not keen on white cans, so I ordered the black Q701's instead. can't wait 


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Aloha All, I guess this is where I should have started at.  It all started with a friend from Iwakuni, Japan doing some work in Okinawa and he decided to pay me a visit.  He brought out these little USB dacs that he said he was playing around with on his Nexus 7 tablet.  He gave me one to hook into my MacBook Pro and I was hooked.  For headphones I've got the Fostex TH-900, TH-600, HiFi Man HE-500, Beyerdynamics T51P.  For my amps I've picked up the Lyr and Biffost, Fiio E17, VModa, Fostex HPA4 and waiting to build the Bottlehead Crack with Speedball.  Just keep ending up in the hospital with all kinds of issues.  Which leads me into my main reason to listen to some high end gear I'm hooked up to a hemodialysis machine for 3 hours Monday thru Saturday in the hospital, it's noisy and with alarms going off on patients machines.  I listened to the Fostex TH-900 and TH-600 with the VModa amp/dac.  The TH-900 is to nice and I'm afraid of damaging the finish, so I've decided on using the TH-600 which to my ears sounds awesome.  Really h:L3000:elps pass the time, enjoy the music.




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Hi Everyone!


Happy user of Dt 770 Pro 80 Ohm + C5D + Xiaomi Mi3 Here!

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Hi everyone, 

I just discovered this awesome forum and I hope to learn a lot!

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I just want to introduce my self. I'm from Europe :) and currently using Sennheiser  HD800 with Luxman p-200 and Goldenote Koala Solid State CD player.

I hope I can be helpful for users of this forum.




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Yo hows everybody doing!
My name is tony and today I just joined! I love listening to jpop and I also love listening to almost anything that sound catchy to me. I game a lot, "Smite, LoL," mostly. I've join today hoping I could get some help choosing a pair of headphones for personal use :3.




Thanks :D

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I'm new to this thread, and i have a little to none knowledge in sound quality

The only thing i ever owned before i joined this forum is a Soundmagic E10, which i buy based on the review in this forum
I'm hoping for you guys helps

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Originally Posted by DullSenses View Post

I'm new to this thread, and i have a little to none knowledge in sound quality

The only thing i ever owned before i joined this forum is a Soundmagic E10, which i buy based on the review in this forum
I'm hoping for you guys helps

Best advice is to get to the store and try stuff out. but reading on here you can sure narrow the decisions down.

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Hi to all! Im Carlos,from Spain.

I have been reading so long ago and just registered an account last week.


I always wanted a better sound, so all started when I bought a Westone 1, four years (or so) ago and a new world opened in front of me!  :P


I love listen and play music (play guitar and drums) !


I recently bought a Theorem 720 to use it with my ipod, and a Westone4r to users on the forum, that are on the way to my home! I think its a step up on the portable listening level!


In my home I own a Rotel RA11 amp and KEFQ300 speakers. And a Sennheiser SD595 headphones wich I plan to upgrade soon.


So lets keep reading, learning and listening!



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