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For Sale:
KGSSHV (Spritzer Build) + SR007 Mk1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I will probably regret selling this. If not soon, sometime in the future. I am enjoying my two channel system more than my headphones, and am in desperate need of a new amp. So in order to offset costs and simplify my system, so headphone rig is going in sale. This is a very nice build by Spritzer. I am not an expert in the field of amps, so I will just copy some text he sent me about it. 


"+/-500V unit with XLR inputs and loopouts and my custom made Alpha volume pot."

"No problem running RCA's through adapters as the sockets are properly grounded."

"The transformer is multivoltage so it can be changed at a later date. "


This picture of the internsals is from Spritzer of what he called a "sister amp" to mine, except that mine was "slightly more expensive as the transformer comes from [Spritzers] stock"


I know nothing else about the workings or parts, so please don't ask. I have had the amp since September, with only sparing use. The 007's are in very good shape. I always wear something on my head when using them. I had a pair of 507's and the leather strap that goes over your head can pick up oil from your scalp and get gross. Of course you can buy replacements, but I just prefer to put a barrier between my head and the leather. As you can see by the pictures, it come with the more desirable travel case They have a 71xxx serial number. It also comes with an extra set of unused matching brown earpads. 


for now I am not willing to sell the amp and headphones separately. You cover the fees and I will cover shipping.