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BeyerDynamics DT990 Problem

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Hi folks, from recommendations on here I bought a pair of DT990s a few years ago and have been using them on and off for gaming. Recently I've been using them a lot more, and always at regular volumes with a mixture of game sound and voice chat coming through them. As I'm using the with a PS3 there's no way to bump up the bass or anything, so I'd considered them to be under-stressed and having an easy life.

However, today they seem to have developed a distortion in the left cup, whenever any moderate bass comes through them, such as the bass in a voice or something. Almost like the cup is blown or something. They seem ok at really low volumes, but it's clearly distorting in that one side when the volume is mid way or above.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Could I really have blown one side through such moderate use? They seemed fine all last night, then this morning it's distorting...?!

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Are they gently rattling?  Most likely a hair in the driver.  The beyerdynamic diaphragms are sticky and infamous for getting hairs stuck on them.

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I guess. When the bass hits it's like a fluttery, farty kinda sound...
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Next question - how do I check and how do I get the hair out? Take everything apart? Or is there a way to lightly vacuum it out or something?
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First you take the earpad off to expose the black fabric ring.  To take that ring off there's some small tabs on the edge of it, and you push them clockwise if I remember to get them off-- via a small flathead or something.  Then once you take that off you'll expose the white damping ring, usually you can find the hairs stuck in that damping fabric and pluck them off from there.

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Hah, no need. I actually have been feeling a tickle in my left ear recently so yesterday I blindly ran my hand across the foam over the driver to try to get rid of whatever it was. After reading your post I took the headphones off and looked at them and straight away saw a hair stuck straight out the middle of the foam!

Plucked that out with my fingers and so far, so good!

I really hope that's it because man, these headphones are comfy! I wore them yesterday evening on a marathon gaming session until 3:30am and noticed no discomfort whatsoever. In fact, I've been using them a lot recently without any discomfort, plus they also sound great.

Thanks so much for your quick help, I wasn't expecting such an easy and immediate fix!
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