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Hi to all, I'm new to the forum and so this is my first post. I've been a lurker for a couple of years, and used this site as the 'go to' place for any audio/hi-fi needs. I bought my first pair of what I would consider quality IEM's on the reviews/descriptions on this website, which were a pair of Panasonic HJE900's.


Now I loved these earphones, they look great, good build quality, well made cable etc etc, But most importantly i loved the sound of these earphones. Now i've bought two pairs of these earphones, spending £90 (about $150) and £65 ($110) from Amazon UK respectively, both times the drivers have started to cut out and then failed on me, despite this I would still purchase another pair if they hadn't been discontinued and I could find some for sale in the UK. I'm definitely no audiophile and these are the only pair of 'decent' earphones i've owned, so I have no real comparison/experience of other IEM's (except a brief listen of my friends Hi-Fi Man Re0's), but I do love listening to music, so I apologise for any contradictions I make when describing the sound i'm looking for.


First of all I think it would be best if I outlined my musical tastes, which may provide an explanation for my preference of IEM qualities/sound and may help in your advice? I predominantly listen to a lot of Electronic Dance Music, consisting of Trance/Progressive House/Euro dance/pop (Armin van buuren/Ferry corsten/Deadmau5/Pryda etc), obviously placing emphasis on bass and detailed/sparkling highs? 


Now despite having no experience of other quality IEM's, I feel like the HJE900's are probably the best suited IEM's for my tastes. First of all I wouldn't consider myself a basshead, but I would consider less bass than the pana's to be a bit bass light for my tastes, I Listened to my friends Hi-Fi man RE0's, of which I liked the clarity/detail, but for what I consider the complete lack of bass just ruined the sound for me, I suppose I'm looking for phones that have punchy/tight/detailed bass, due to the fast pace of EDM they will need good bass response/clarity (non muddy)? Secondly as stated they will need good/great clarity in the highs/treble. High female vocals are quite prevalent as well as high synthesized electronic sounds. For the past few months i've used the soundmagic e10's (until they just packed up) which I think sound generally good (I Like the bass), but I found that some of the high sounds/nuances in EDM are either muddled in comparison to the panas or simply are lost and cannot be heard at all! I would say that i'm looking for a warm/musical sound as opposed to a cold/analytical one.


I would be extremely grateful if you guys could listen to a couple of songs, that sum up my musical tastes really, a quick copy and paste into Youtube job, they will probably give you guys a far better idea of the sort of qualities I will need in a pair of phones and the sort of music I need to sound 'great'.


"Velvetine - Safe (wherever you are) (Rank 1 Remix)"

"Three drives - Greece 2000"


I'm looking to spend a maximum of about £90 ($150)


A few phones I have been looking at/are in my price range are: Shure SE215 Blue edition (£96.00/$162), Hi-fi man re-400 (£79.50/$134), , Brainwavz B2 (£89.50/$151) and Klipsch image x10 (£89.99/$152). There are others i've considered but the problem is getting hold of them in the UK.


James :)