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One of the copper coils in the cup of my OE1s had deteriorated, and now the speaker needs replacing. I have a couple of options, so I'm here to ask for advice.


I've already spent £20 + P&P, so prices are on top of that (I think) - 


For no extra charge, I can get a "matched speaker" to the working speaker in the other cup, I'm told that the sound quality is more affected by the construction of the cup and pad, so if that's true, this doesn't seem like too bad of an idea. 


For £25 I can get some higher impedance speakers which should increase clarity and bass response. 


For £40, I can get a genuine Bose speaker fitted. 


I'm probably going to try and sell these on afterwards, so obviously the free option seems the best, but if it's likely to turn out badly, I'll skip it.