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Hard decicion between PS 500 vs SRH1840

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Hello Head-Fi headphone forum!


I wish to ask, I had and own many many headphones, amp's- portable and not. in-ear over the ear and more.

currently i'm using the Shure se425 for in-ear and senn hd229 with Fiio e11 very happy with it. own also senn px 100ii and had the hd 800 with the lehman audio amp but was a little bit disappointment because the bass was very very bright. I had also the Vincent tube amp and it was terrible! (with all the respect..) had the hd650 was truly great but over time burring. had the Grado sr225 and sr60 that was very good headphones as far as I remember.


Now I have a hard time to decide if to go for the Grado ps 500 (I can get it for 800$ in my country-new) or Shure srh1840 (I didn't hear any of them, no presentation for them anywhere in my country


I hear almost all types of music from classic to heavy metal to dance and trance and the list goes on


In addition to the headphone I wish to purchase a truly good amp to it (from 500 - 700$) doesn't matter tube or not tube but I need an amp that will bring out the Bass out of them (Grado or Shure) headphones. some suggested that I will buy a professional sound card to my computer because those headphones you hear only inside the house (that is true) but do sound cards can get the best out of those cans?? I doubt it  ..


So If someone have in mind some suggestion I will be happy to hear


Thank you

Shay W

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I'm also a PS-500 lover, and will NOT buy them until i hear the Shures first.

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