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For Sale: Silvaweld SWC-450 BFA

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For Sale:
Silvaweld SWC-450 BFA

Will Ship To: Anywhere

introducing one of the best selling silvaweld gear there was- the swc450BFA.  this preamp has been rated by as one of the best there is and certainly the best bargain that could be found today considering the asking price. 

layout is simple and elegant- oversized ei trafo, healthy power bank and double gain stage through 12ay7/6072, solid gold relay, alps pot, and silver solder and wiring throughout. caps are as you can see, mostly oil tantal and lastly genuine multicap output. resistors are no doubt allen bradly. 
as for the sound, it is massive with globs of details and extra finess that lets you hear the ambiance in the recording, just as a true high end tube preamp should sound, except that the price suggests it shouldn't be. 
as you can see there's black and white available. both have been under the care of a collector in a pristine condition. neither show bare signs of use, and both are scratch free. 
original retail price $2000 (1500 euro),
asking price- $750+ shipping, located in seoul, korea. 

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Price reduced to $690 +shipping. thanks.

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ttt. still available. with $89 shipping to US, this outta be one of the best preamp for the price out there.

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