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Replacing my old Ath-m50

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Hello Head-fi, I'm looking for a new pair of headphones. I listen to mainly rock and dubstep, I currently own the ATH-M50. They've been on my head approx 7 hours a day and they've given up (due to my puppy bitting over the chord >.>) I've been trying to fix the chord but the sound is terrible now. SO! I need a new pair, should I just buy another pair of Ath-m50 or is there other good alternatives out there for me? I'm no audiophile but I can deffinetly hear good sound.


My budget is 400 dollars, I do not have an AMP or anything like that, I plug them directly into my PC. I can't buy refurbished headphones (They're extremly rare in Denmark, that or I suck at googeling). 


Would I expect a higher quality sound in more exspensive headphones? (my Ath-m50 was 140 dollars).

Should I consider getting an external sound card for my pc? If so which one?


Update: I just found the NAD VISO HP50 and they seem pretty nice


Best regards,



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Can you get to hear Sennheiser HD25s and Momentums?

Other options are the AT ES700s and Vmoda XS


Try to get to hear some first

If it were me I'd spend part of the budget on a DAC/AMP like a Fiio E17 or

Audioengine D1, and get another pair of ATH-M50s, you've not heard

them at their best yet

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Well yea I would buy another pair of ath-m50 but in Denmark they're a tad more exspensive then the Beyerdynamic DT-990 pro, ow would they do with an amp?

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if the DT-990 is less expensive than the M50, I can't see where the doubt is

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They're around the same price, one thing? Does the DT-990 have a punchy bass? I would need some kind of portable AMP for them right? Any good ones I can buy?

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The DT-990 pro edition is 200 bucks, whilst the 32 ohm edition is 400 bucks. So I would have to go for the 250 ohm one.

The DT-770 cost the same as 990 but they're 80 ohm instead. Should I consider them?

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990 is an open can

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The V Moda is too exspensive in Denmark, ohh they're open. I would definitely prefer closed headphones. So it's down to ATH-m50X vs Beyerdynamic 770 pro 80 ohm edition (the 770 pro is 30 bucks cheaper) Can you run the 80 ohm edition on phones and stuff or should I get the 32 edition? Which has better sound ATH-m50X or the beyerdynamic

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I can't tell about sound quality, but the 770/80 can be driven with phones. of course an amp would be better, but it is fairly good unamped. the 32 ohm version would be even better. between the 770 and the M50/M50x I honestly don't know which is better

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i am using the dt770/600ohms....fantastic can.

needs an amp to shine..havent tried the lesser ohms.

Others might chime in.

(i would stay away from the beyer custom one. the one with adjustable basssss, sounds odd to my ears)




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I've decided to go with the Beyerdynamic DT-770 80 ohms ones, can someone suggest a cheap portable amp?

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right now one of the cheapest I'm remebering is the FIIO E6, but I have no idea if it is anything good

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if u are looking at the fiio range...hunt for a a E17 or E18 

( better sound than playing straight off your computer )

there are other brands like Nuforce... SCHIIT... Centrance... within 200bucks u get some good options.


This draws power from the computer..( if u have a laptop,  u can take this out to the cafes :P)


Fiio E10, i think this needs power from the wall..





Modi + Magni combo stack : v popular amongst headfiers :P


or replaced the Magni with a VALI...oooo tubes !!! Beyers love TUBES...

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If I got the FiiO E17 would I be able to tell a huge difference? It costs more then the headphones.

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