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Help! In Need of Amp and/or DAC

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Hello, I have spent 5 hours looking at many threads regarding the subject. I have just purchased a pair of akg k550s (my first expensive pair of headphones, except for the 200$ over ear Bose which broke) and they are being shipped right now. Now I know I don't need an amp for akg k550 but I would still like to consider my options. I personally don't mind a portable device but I'm always at a desk. Be it at a library or at home. If I get a desktop amp and use it with my phone beside a wall plug in can this be achieved?

I have read reviews on e7,10,12,17, 18 and JDS labs C5 and I was most impressed by e12 until I realized that I may not need a portable device and something with a DAC would benefit me if going non portable. I also saw a lot of negative comments regarding the e17 and e18 and how it was outmatched by the e12. I like to listen to music mostly on my phone but I like to use my desktop as well. However, my laptop is a Dell studio 1747 which probably means it does not need a DAC.. I plan on buying a CCK for home use and not for the go if cheap.

Currently I've been using my phone's bluetooth to play music wirelessly to a bluetooth receivever connected to my speakers. I know bluetooth reduces quality and I probably will stop as soon as I get amp and/or a DAC but I'm curious if it can improve the sound coming from bluetooth as well. Setup will be Phone -> bluetooth reveiver -> amp/DAC -> speakers.

Also, I really do not want to go over 150$ But am flexible to 200$. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. I want an all around good amp to make my akg 550 better. I listen to almost all genres. I'm using an iPhone 5s with 320 bitrate songs + selective ALAC.

Ultimately, looking for an amp on the go and DAC + amp at home.
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Friday busy day :P?
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I posted this from my phone and the instructions weren't present,

"STOP! Post your "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." and other question threads in the new Help & Recommendations Forum not here"


I apologize.

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