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I just recently purchased a set of HE-500s and a Mini-X since they seem to get rave reviews together. I don't have the amp yet, so I have no impressions to go on. The S.E.X. isn't even really on the horizon for me, since my wife has expressed intense displeasure in my recent purchase.


The Question:


I know that the HE-500s pair well with the Mini-X. That's extremely well documented both here and other audio forums. What I haven't been able to find (despite my searching) is a direct comparison of the Mini-X and the S.E.X.


My original game plan was to buy the HE-500s and the S.E.X. since it works well with low impedance cans, but my wife put the nix on that. I will say that I prefer the fabled tube sound over that of solid state (probably mainly due to my love affair with tube bass amps back in the day).


The obvious differences:


Power Output - S.E.X. is 2 watts/channel; Emotiva is 50 watts/channel

S.E.X. = Tube; Emotiva = Solid state


Without digging deeper into the specs, those are the glaring things.


Has anyone actually done any side by side comparison between the two? If the listening were in the context of the HE-500s, that would be even more stellar, but I'll take any hands on experience I can.


Also, if you're in St. Louis and have a S.E.X., I'd gladly buy you some beer if I could have a chance to listen!