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Multiple Xonar DX's in computer

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I have a Xonar DX and recently got another one because it was exceptionally cheap (2nd hand $20 on craigslist). I modded the $20 one with some new capacitors and OP amp and now I'm trying to use both of them in my computer.


However, the Xonar DX audio center seems to be able to control only one of them. Even when I switch the active Playback device to the other card on Windows, the software settings do not affect that card. Although both cards are fine for playing music when I set them as the default playback device, the one that isn't controlled by the software has a noticeable lag with the display when watching movies.


I would really like to be able to use both since sometimes I might like to listen to the modded sound but other times the stock sound of the Xonar DX. However, this software problem forces me to shut down my computer and swap the cards physically before I can make the change. It also prevents me from doing any accurate A/B testing to see if i'm suffering from a placebo effect and whether or not the sound signature changed due to the modifications.


I know most people don't have two of the same sound cards plugged into their computer, but I'm open to any suggestions to solve the problem nonetheless. Thanks.

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I reckon the Asus developers haven't really taken into consideration the very unlikely scenario of a customer having two identical sound cards in their PC, and haven't implemented the proper feature into their software just yet.


Did you check the Asus forums for a case similar to yours?

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Thanks for the reply. I haven't got the software to work with both cards at once. However, the lag problem was caused by the GX mode that Asus offers; everything was good once i turned it off. I don't use any of those fancy DSP stuff and only use them as a DAC for clean line out to an external amp so i'm happy that i can switch between the two using window's playback device menu with no problem.

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Aye, I used to have Essence ST myself back in the day, but I also never used those DSP effects, I prefer the clean line out as well. Good to hear you managed to sort it out.


What is GX used for anyways?

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GX stands for "Gaming Effects". It is Asus's software that simulates EAX effects from Creative for older games that still use EAX. Of course, it is a software nightmare to get it to work (both EAX and Asus's equivalent) and it is known to break playback in a variety of situations. Even CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) warns me of this "GX mode" problem when it detected a Xonar card in my system. I have also noticed it causes significant timing offsets in music/beat games. (Osu, DJ Max, Dance Dance Revolution etc)


Games nowadays use OpenAl to process sound effects from the CPU and it rarely causes any noticeable frame rate losses. Therefore, in my opinion, for a gamer that plays the newest of games, the GX mode is nothing but asking for trouble. It only caused me problems because the default setting after installing the drivers is having GX mode on.

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