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This is my second review / comparison of Headphones on this forum. I first must admit I love music. Listening to quality Headphones makes a huge difference no matter the brand. For this go around I am going to compare the Beyerdynamic DT880s (250Ω) and the Beyerdynamic T1s (600Ω).


I must start off by saying both pair of Headphones are extremely accurate. While listening to music that you know very well you will hear items, sounds, voices, and nuances that you have never heard before. It is incredible to listen to music with such great cans.


As before I am using a Violectric V100 / DAC (24/192) with the internal gain set to 0dB. I wanted everything to be equal in the review. I also listened to a variety of music, but focused on a couple of songs for the comparison.

The songs chosen for the comparison are as follows:

·         Fleetwood Mac:                 The Dance:                                       Rhiannon

·         Fleetwood Mac:                 The Dance:                                       Big Love

·         Fleetwood Mac:                 The Dance:                                       The Chain

·         The Eagles:                       Hell Freezes Over:                             Hotel California

·         Flim and the BBs:              Tricycle:                                           Tricycle

·         Men at Work:                     Business as Usual:                           Down by the Sea

·         Lynyrd Skynyrd:                 One More from the Road:                   Freebird

·         Peter Murphy:                    Deep:                                               Cuts You Up

·         Chickenfoot:                      Chickenfoot:                                      My Kind of Girl


I will layout the comparison and compare the two sets of cans for each song.


Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon:


DT880: The DT880s have a very smooth natural sound. With this being said, the lows seem to blend together and the highs are more prominent. Very good for the vocals of Stevie Nicks.


T1: The T1s definitely have a fuller more complete sound. You hear much more detail in the music than listening  normally. The chimes in the background are very clear and you can hear the individual chimes more accurately.


Fleetwood Mac: Big Love:


DT880: The DT880s made it seem as if you were several rows back from the stage. The reproduction was not as detailed and the highs seem to be sharper. There also seemed to be a little bit of distortion in the bass of this song, this muddled the low end.


T1: The T1s had no distortion in the bass at all. You could hear everything clearly. They also seemed to have a much fuller sound and the individual notes appeared to be clearer and more present.


Fleetwood Mac: The Chain:


DT880: The DT880s seemed to blend the bass notes together and the harmonies were not as defined.


T1: The T1s had a deeper bass note, and the harmonies were as if you were standing in front of Lindsey and Stevie.  You could hear the difference when each actually started to harmonize in the chorus.


The Eagles: Hotel California: 


DT880: The DT880s performed very well with this song. However you can hear the limitations as there are more instruments and deep bass added in the song.


T1: The T1s actually allowed you to hear the missed notes / when the fingers were not pressed fully on the frets of the guitar 100%. This was very interesting to hear. Overall very good reproduction of the song.


Flim and the BBs: Tricycle:


DT880: The DT880s had a very natural sound, and once again the lows blended together but still a really good sound.


T1: With the T1s you actually could hear the hiss of the original recording. The sound was also fuller. You can actually  hear each note of the bass guitar more clearly.


Men at Work: Down by the Sea:


DT880: The DT880s seemed to have a lower volume on this song and the sound was very blended.


T1: The T1s once again had great sound and the bass notes are heard very well and clearly.


Lynyrd Skynyrd: Freebird:


DT880: The DT880s sounded very well and they had a very blended sound.


T1: The T1s appeared to be more accurate and allowed you to hear all three guitars and when each was playing or not playing during the solo at the end. What I found the most interesting is I have never heard the song this way ever before. The imaging is amazing with these headphones.


Peter Murphy:  Cuts You Up:


DT880: The sound was very good and appeared to be much flatter than the T1s while listening to this song.


T1: With the T1a there appeared to be more presence in the song and better separation. There were parts of the vocals that were not present in lower quality headphones or while listening on speakers.


Chickenfoot: My Kind of Girl:


DT880: The sound was very good and appeared to be much flatter than the T1s while listening to this song. There also appeared to

have distortion because the drum and the bass present.


T1: No distortion better separation and more information from the music is heard.



In conclusion the Beyerdynamic Headphones are very accurate and provide excellent reproduction of all types of music. I thoroughly enjoy their sound and sonic tonal qualities. Both of the reviewed headphones are great in their own right. The DT880s are a great headphone and very accurate. If you are listening on an amplifier or home system I would urge you to go to the 250Ω or the 600Ω versions for the better reproduction. I think for the money the DT880s are hard to beat and a great value in the premium cans.

The T1s are definitely more efficient due to the Tesla drivers. Also the imaging appears to be better due to the placement of the driver and directing it like you normally hear music. It is aimed at the ear lobes as compared to directly firing down the ear canal. This in my opinion makes it more natural. I saw this with Ultrasone products also. Also the Tesla drivers are more accurate and create better separation within the headphones. This allows you to hear things in songs and recordings that are not normally heard or noticed.

If you want a stellar set of cans at an exceptional value, go with the DT880s. They are absolutely great. I truly enjoy listening to them. If cost is not an issue and you need the absolutely best thing on the market, then go with the T1s. They will not disappoint you and the music you listen to will come alive.