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For Sale:
IC: Sennheiser HD600 +/- Bottlehead Crack (non speedball)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Thinking about selling off the remnants of my last headphone rig. This is third HD600 I've sold on here and hopefully the last, but somehow I doubt that. Of all the amps I've paired with these phones (Schiit Valhalla, Lyr w/ gold globes, ALO Rx, Ibasso DX100, D10, Nuforce HDP, Peachtree NovaPre), I can say the crack is bar none the best pairing.

Purchased the HD600's from a headfier in July for a bedside rig but shortly after picked up some floor standing speakers so the senns literally haven't been used in many months. I'll include the listing from the prior purchase below. Remains with minimal use and pads in very good condition. Will also include a blue 6ft custom cardas cable that was assembled from moon audio parts. Unfortunately the cable has a tendency to cut out on one side fairly often from a bad cardas connector on that side. It would be an easy fix but I'd figure I'd throw them up now and see if anyone wanted to deal with it on their own. Otherwise the original cable is included and has no issues. Will be shipped in the original box as well.

Bottlehead Crack
Assembled earlier this year I want to say Nov/Dec. Of note there is no speedball installed, I wanted to keep a warmer sound sig for the HD600s. Took a bit of extra time in the assembly to minimize the excess wire you see flabbing about in some builds. All of the connections have been soldered and resolderded and resoldered multiple times while I was initially troubleshooting the amp (ugh, bad tube from bottlehead). It will come with a two replacement 6080 chatham tubes, the original 12AU7, a RATHEON JAN CRP 6SN7GT 6SN7 VT-231 BLACK PLATE as well with a good adapter for the 12AU7 socket. One thing I need to note however is that there are a couple cosmetic flaws. First there is a small nick with some removed paint in the front right corner after the amp had a run-in with a runaway broom handle. It could be covered up with a little paint or even a black marker. There is also a small amount of paint chipping on the plate that covers the transformer. I had been planning on fixing these but instead I'll see if anyone wants to take of it on their own at a little bit of a discount on the sale price.

Overall both the phones and the amp are 100% functioning and sound fantastic together. I would prefer to sell them as a pair but will part them for HD600- $300 and Crack $350. I will cover shipping if sold together, otherwise I'll leave paypall fees to buyer (or paypal gift). If you have any questions or need more photos (sorry about the crappy iphone pics) please send me a PM. Thanks.

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