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Opinions on TMC

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Hey, I'm looking for opinions from anybody that has used TMC yellow or white cables. The only reviews I can find are all at AudioReview. It would also be helpful if they could be compared to other cables as well, so I can get an idea of their general sound characteristics. Thanks!
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I'm pretty sure Ross has tried them, so hopefully he'll see this and comment.
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My god, 30 reviews, all PERFECT 5s? Wow...

Anyways, I asked a guy and he said that ZuCables Oxyfuels sounded like TMC yellow cables, though much cheaper... well thats all I can share...
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Yup, nothing but 5s. I dunno, just seems too good to be true. That's why I want opinions from you guys.
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Leaving aside the fact that the TMC cables are inexpensive antenna cable re-packaged as expensive audio cables ... They still sounded pretty ordinary, smooth but quite soft and undynamic, with tonal colours being slightly washed out. I didn't like this cable at all, and sold it soon after buying it. Not recommended.

While we're on the subject of cables, the DH Labs Air Matrix is an improvement over the standard BL-1. It has a more substantial, solid sound, with a richer midrange, although it still has the same tendency to brightness that the BL-1 has. I will provide further reports as this cable runs in.
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