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Recommendations for Hip Hop Geared Cans for Everyday Travel

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Hello all. I heard Head Fi is a great resource for anything headphone related, so I am hoping to get some help in my quest for obtaining the best sounding headphones for my everday commute.

Here's the necessity, I commute a total of 2 to 3 hours per day, Monday through Friday. I travel on trains and subways, so it can be noisy at times. I am probably one of the biggest hip hop lovers you could ever meet, so I am looking for a set of cans that can bring out the best of that type of music.

Here's what I'm looking for-

1. Noise isolating (not ACN, dont want to compromise sound)
2. I hate excessively long cables, so shorter cables are appreciated.
3. Cans that can bring out hip hop best
4. Over ear styled cans (hate in ear buds)
5. A mic would be great to take calls on, but not a requirement. Sound and portability is more important
6. Wireless options are welcome, however I purchased a set of MEElectronics Matrix2s and while the sound is good I feel like I can get so much better sound.
7. Portability is obviously important.
8. Trying to stay under $200

Lastly, I saw on another thread about using Monoprice 108323s, buying an amp like the fiio e6 and some ATH-M50 pads. I was intrigued by the notion of this prospect, I'm just not sure if its worth it and if its portable.

Recommendations are appreciated.
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Try the Audio-Technica ATH-WS55i, these are on-ear rather than over-ear, but full sized headphones with mic for under $200 might be asking too much. Drop the mic requirement and you'll have a load more choice.

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Thanks. Let me clarify my original post then, I would gladly drop the mic feature for more options in the price range.
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A few to check out in that case, assuming you are not planning to use a headphone amp -


Beyerdynamic DT770 32 Ohm - good all rounders

German Maestro GMP 8.35D - so well built, watch you don't damage the train with them

SoundMAGIC HP100 - may be a little more but everyone loves them, great for hip hop too

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Out of your suggestions, which would you say does the best at blocking out noise?

In my first post I mentioned the monos 108323s and an amp, do you think thats a better option? im not opposed to a portable amp, I just dont know enough to know if its better than getting a regular set of headphones.

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I'd say the HP-100 is the best at isolation.


I mention the amp as the DT770 has 80ohm and 250ohm variants - 80ohms is perhaps a little too high for plugging straight into an iphone, for instance. So 32 ohm is better for this purpose. Do you have a dedicated player by the way?


As regards amps - you may notice an improvement in the low/high frequencies (more oomph) as the headphones can be powered better via an amp. Whether this improvement is lost amid the hustle and bustle of the journey I cannot say - also you have another battery to keep charged and more to carry around. The HP100s respond well to an amp, the impedance is 35 ohms but they're 95dB sensitivity which might mean you want more juice with some quieter tracks. I remember playing with the HP100s on the train back from the London Head-Fi meet last year. I had a Walkman and Fiio E12 playing into the HP100s and had great fun.

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Good point on the additional battery to keep charged. I will be utilizing my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to play my music. I have an iPod classic but hate carrying multiple devices, so got a SD card that can hold everything on my phone.

Ok, so sounds like the SoundMagics are the ticket.

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