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For Sale:
Gradheiser Magnums- Limba Shells

Will Ship To: Anywhere

*This is only to gauge interest in these headphones. I would require a very serious/high offer to sell these. I really do not wish to sell these but I am need of money and instead of having to keep picking through my record collection I may decide to sell these. Please PM me with any questions.*


What we have here is my own personal Magnums, or as I have been told, they are the Gradheiser Magnums. You can see frequency/chart readings here:


They are quite possibly the best headphones I have ever heard. Encased in limba wooden shells, these headphones contain the version 4 of the magnum driver series. If any parties are interested, even though it's been disproven color does not matter, these are black. 


These drivers were specifically picked out to fit my own personal musical tastes. This taste is designed around fast punk, and heavy metal, specifically sludge, and stoner rock. Think Black Sabbath. These sound fantastic with any and all genres though. I quite enjoy listening to them with jazz, ambient, singer/songwriter, rap, and everything else in between. The creator of these knew that I listen to all forms of music and took that into consideration when making these. The soundstage on these is fantastic, the lows and high are great, but where they truly shine is in their midrange. The treble is another key highlight in these. They are upfront, colored and all around create some of the best sound I've personally every heard from a pair of headphones. When they were made for me, it should be stated that the creator of these later told me that this pair as actually his own pair at the time, and "is one of the best pairs I've ever come across." 


The cable is made of silver and is connected to a 3.5 mm jack. The headband is that of a sony headphone that many Magnum modders used in leu of the Grado headband due to it's cheapness yet sturdy, adjustable frame. It allows the headphone to be unbelievably light. The lightest headphones I've ever used, outside of buds/IEM's. But even when compared to those it's closer to them in weight than say, a pair of Grados or V-modas. This lightness doesn't distract from it's build quality though. It's sturdy, and portable. With that being said I've never used that really outside of my bedroom due to the fact that I would be far too worried that my clumsy self would drop them or break them in some manner if I took them on a walk with me. I have another pair of headphones for that. These, in all their midrange-focused glory, deserve only the best. That's not to say they don't sound fantastic with whatever you throw at them. I simply preferred to utilize them with my Macbook---fiio e10----Little Dot1+--headphones set up. But when I used them on my iPod/iphone they sounded amazing still. Much better than any headphone I had ever heard at the time. 


I've been using my Grado 325i's pretty much constantly since I got them. Hence my interest in seeing what these could potentially go for. The 450 price tag is not set in stone. I just set it that high because they are really worth that much but I'm really just posting this here to see what people can offer me. It says $450, but think of it as best offer. Please PM me, and comment below if you're interested. Thank you. 


As stated, but I'll state it again, this is solely to gauge interest. That's not to say I would not sell these. I perhaps would. I simply want to see what people would offer.


truly a work of art. You will not be disappointed if you choose to buy these. 

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