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For Sale: Cardas EM5813 Model 1 ear speakers

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For Sale:
Cardas EM5813 Model 1 ear speakers

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Up for sale is my Cardas IEM's. I'm the original owner, and they have about 30 hours on them. Minty fresh condition, just like chewing peppermint gum. Selling because I got a set of B&W P7's that have ruined using IEM''s for me {Yes, the P7's are that good). BUT the Cardas' are pretty damn good. I just wish they were a little brighter, the sound signature just a tad too dark for me. Maybe that'll change as they get broke in.


Anyway, they come with extra tips (Cardas and Comply), original box, the under-sized carry bag, and another soft pouch that is a bigger than the Cardas bag. Why did they include a bag that is too small? The IEM's will fit, but boy, is it tight.


Free shipping in the states, and paypal is on me.

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Great price, Great seller.

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I've been burning these in, up to 100 hours now, and I'll keep going. There is some positive change. Trying different tips, using some Sony hybrids right now. Still for sale however but that could change at any moment.

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I removed one of the filters on the tip end by accident. So what the hell, I removed the other side too. And THERE are the highs that were missing. Better now, some darkness gone, and no longer for sale. :-P

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