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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

Never the less, they do work at 24bit resolution so I don't see the point. Most DSD recording are converted from PCM somewhere on their way to becoming commercial releases as well and for the same reasons as the V control. I'm now familiar with the Hugo, Berkeley, Naim, PS Audio and some others. I don't want to get into particulars in a Tera thread but I use and like best, the one with 1704s. I quite like the 1st 3 even though they aren't all ladders.

Goodvibes !!! Nice to see you on this thread seems we frequent the same threads. In our provious conversations I remember you saying that delta sigma dacs are a better for for daps, do you believe that holds true for the tera
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Not at all if 16 bit is all you need and for most, it probably is for a portable. I was referring to HiDef capable units with flat full range response for the reasons discussed before. Input and filter circuitry is simply better on more modern DACs. Charles has taken care of a lot of the jitter himself and uses his own filter that starts rolling a bit early to maintain good phase character and still be effective in doing it's job. I haven't heard it but it seems quite effective considering the love. Much like the old HiFiman 601 but better executed. I shouldn't guess but it likely uses a TDA1543 with 4 times oversampling. It would mean that even though it's not word length or frequency limited, the most res that comes out is 16/176 (as I suspect the oversampling would is set for 44k), since one sample per frequency isn't going to track as well as multiples BUT IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER AS LONG AS IT WORKS/SOUNDS BETTER THAN SOMETHING ELSE FOR THOSE THAT OWN IT. That it doesn't play todays top performing formats is not necessarily a bad thing since goodness supersedes stats every time and every DAP has rather large compromises. Things like an ess90182km has very nice input and filter circuitry inboard, can do all formats and has taken delta/sigma to a very high level. Makes it a great choice for a full res capable DAP but doesn't make it a better device unless it sounds like one.


Ears are a lot more sensitive to time than amplitude. Ladder DAC errors are less time sensitive and D/S DAC errors are less amplitude sensitive. Errors/jitter will always be there and even eliminating them can/will change the stream somewhat so it comes down how well the errors are corrected compared to what system is used vs sensitivity threshold.


I suspect I'd like the Tera quite a bit. I just don't want a screenless player.

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Originally Posted by TheDecline01 View Post

I had an AK120. It is now gone.


I never owned it but had a chance to try both AK120 and HM901. That did nothing but convince me that Tera is in the league of it's own. The only dac I'm looking to buy in the future is another Tera for backup.

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I think you meant DAP. I've heard the Altmann home DAC and it is VG but not my fav. It is, however, one of the reasons I suspect the Tera is a VG DAP since it should approach that performance and none of my fav home DACs are DAPs either. That said I doubt any portable can beat a Hugo for home use with a great SPdif input signal. I personally feel it's better than what I got from Charles' home DAC under those conditions. The issue becomes whether you can get that kind of input signal from a DAP ( I'm not one that believes bits are bits, all player SW sounds alike or that jitter is a minor issue) and there's always the carrying a brick thing which is not enticing to myself. For instance, I thought the 901 was great portable player.but too large for my use.

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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

I think you meant DAP. 

Sorry, you are right I meant DAP (so one more Tera for backup + piece of mind would be great to get before Charles eventually stops making and/or supporting them because I doubt I will be around to see someone make anything close as good in terms of portable DAP's during my lifetime).

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I doubt he ever stops supporting them, at least as long as he's still doing audio.

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Hello Musicday,


In answer to your question:

Have Sansa Clip+, Cowon D2, Hifiman 602, Fiio X5, Colorfly C4 and a Tera Player.


The first 5 will be on sale somewhere very soon, Tera is all I use for now,

although I don't feel I have found the (for me) 100% IEM yet.


Btw, I'm listening with the often praised VSonic GR07 (Classic) right now and

personally I feel this combo is worth being mentioned in the "compatible list"


Fallen of have (known fact)  AKG K3003 and Musical Fidelity XB-50.


Tera seems designed for low market, high impedance headphones.

Don't want this, want high market, high impedance (universal) IEM.


Ah well, winter is coming up shortly........ :happy_face1:




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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

For those of us who are looking for a "desktop version" of Tera Player, this one could be as close as it gets







I don't speak Dutch at all so hopefully someone could chime in after reading this about EC designs SD2



Why would you want a listening station that forces you to sit at a desk?  I've pretty much given up on my home rig beause I can't skip a track with my eyes closed due to screensavers and I can't do the dishes/hoovering sat at my desk - a truly portable solution works better even when I'm at home and I don't have to miss a beat if I must go out somewhere.


@musicday - I tried all the high-end players at a meet a couple of years back, they sounded nice enough but compared to a Tera they are all so big as to be unapealing, and none can be operated in a pocket.  I am not looking for a complimentary DAP as it's safer to take a very expensive small brick out drinking than a touchscreen, which can easier be seen by thieves as well as being useless in the rain.

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@Suicidal O .....

+++ !!!
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I love DITA Truth with the TERA as I mentioned earlier.


Just found another nice pairing - The UM Legacy. Auditioned it yesterday and the TERA can drive it easily. Nice controlled bass.

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i had owned about 1 year, i love it.

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Has anyone auditioned the Tera Player with Grado's GR8 or GR10?
Would appreciate impressions very much.
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Thread Starter 
All who own the Tera Player worth replacing the pads of K K headphones with pleather ones,will open up the bass,and wider the soundstage, fantastic.
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Have tested the Tera Player with the Grado GR8 for a couple of days.


Hoped for a decent playback because the GR8 has a rather high impedance.

And that's exactly what it does, very decent and no amp needed!


The GR8 performs exactly as I read in it's reviews, Grado's sound sig all the way.

Unfortunately indeed not too much bass though, nicely defined but just not much.

Combined with a light veil, mostly over the sub bass and mids, I decided they aren't

my desired IEM so will move on to the Grado GR10 in a week or so.


Meanwhile listening to the B&W Serie 2 (which I described in another thread as

having an undefined bas)

Though still presenting a lot of bas, they may be better now that I'm listening with

foamies, they're tighter in my ear canals thus tightening the bass to a certain extend.

Probably will alter my other post.

Btw, I have removed the outer sleeves of the "secure loops" so I can wear them over

the ear, for me personally much better comfort than the original construction!

Quite relaxing actually :-)

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