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New to Head-Fi

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Hi all,


Just wanted to make a quick thread introducing myself.


I've been a long time stalked of Head-Fi, but I haven't joined up until late. While I'm not "new" to audiophile equipment, I'm not as experienced as some, and it's been a little while since I've bought some really quality gear.


My interest in audio equipment began when I started playing bass at 15. It started with bass amps and speaker cabinets. From there, I started looking around for studio equipment, and the headphones that I first landed on where the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro. The quality that I got from them absolutely blew my mind. Up till that point, I'd always dealt with the cheap Sony types that you associated with a Walkman.


From there, I invested in some IEMs. I started with a Shure SE-112s. Those were great because they allowed me to listen to my music on the go, and the sound quality was really quite reasonable. I then started my professional career. At that time, I worked with a gentleman who had a set of Grados (I believe they were the SR125i). I listened to those and they absolutely blew my mind (again). He had an amplifier and DAC combo (can't remember the specs at the moment), and that was my first real experience with a quality headphone setup. Not too long after that I bought a set of Jays q-Jays before a trip to Germany, and those served me well for many years.


Shortly after I left that company, I finally bought my first "expensive" set of headphones. The Grado SR225i. I loved those phones up until the day I sold them. 


That's left me for the last several years with pretty much just my trusty HD280s. I had been looking around the internet at making an amplifier for my workstation setup. Not too long after I started the search, I began a new job. At the new job, I was in a position where I could take advantage of open back headphones again. It was actually beneficial because I could hear my coworkers better. It also helped that there were some fellow audiophiles amongst my coworkers.


One had built a Crack amplifier, and it inspire me to get back into quality audio.


Fast forward to now. After doing the research creeping around the forums, I decided on the Hifiman HE-500s. I found a b-stock set for a great price, so I bit the bullet and got ready for them to arrive. After reading several threads extolling the virtues of the Emotiva Mini-X for the HE-500s, I picked up a used one from a forum member, as well. Once that arrives, I should be in business (minus a DAC, but the Mrs. has had about enough of my spending for now).


I'm extremely excited to get everything set up and get some burn-in time on the 500s (I've heard varying opinions on the value of burning in the 500s, but time will tell, I suppose). I did have a listening session using my friend's Crack and his ODAC, and I loved what I heard. Well, I loved what I heard when I had a quality recording, that is :)


I have other questions that I'm going to ask at some point, but for now, I'll conclude my intro. I'm excited to resume my journey down the audiophile rabbit hole!



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grats on the he500! planars are awesome

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I've really enjoyed what I've heard from them so far, but I'll feel much more proper and will definitely report back as soon as I get some impressions with the new (used) amp.

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