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Hey guys!


I'm a tone-deaf guitarist/bassist in love with music, but without the money to spend on the good things in life. I live in India and, as you can guess, have had little to no exposure to the aforementioned good things when it comes to audio and how to go about making educated buys. I've been lurking around Head-Fi for quite a while, reading everything you guys have to say about audio and the science behind it all, but only got around to making an account today - blame the ****ty office hours. 


Thus far I've employed my limited knowledge augmented by the excellent reviews here to buy myself a pair of the lovely SoundMagic PL50s, a beautiful set of AudioTechnica ATH M50s, and a FiiO E11 to fall further in love with music. I look forward to discovering more aural goodness by mingling with this kindly community.


(Excuse the sort-of-formal language. I really don't know how else to write. :) )


- AT

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Welcome to the community Tuning,if you really want to know about personal audio and related ,this is the right place to do it!!


I understand what are you talking about.I live in Brazil,where ,like in India,there is practical no market for Hi-End audio products at accessible price.

It is years since i am wondering how good should be listen music thorught Custom In Ear Phones,but i hope at the end of the year to be working in Australia ,then finally i will get a pair of Miracles!!


See ya

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