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best amp for ER-4S?

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Hi guys!
I've read through a lot of threads on this forum. I'm about to buy an ER-4 PT and a P to S cable.
Which amp is the best for the converted ER4-S? Fiio E12 any good or is there any better one suits to it? Source is Z1.
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Welcome to the forums

Go to

search for seller biosciencegeek

don't be scared by the low price

excellent match to er 4s

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Thank you ricksome! I've also read a lot about pairing them with DAC/amp not just with an amp.

Could you please tell me about what is the difference between them? So is it not worth to put more

then a £100 and get the Fiio E12?

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Oh the E12 is good, but if you are going to only drive the ER4, then such power might not be necessary. The E12 can drive anything from a low sensitivity IEM up to the HD800.

Actually, after I re-read your post, I seem to have made a mistake. The ER4S is harder to drive, so the E12 is adequate. smily_headphones1.gif
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