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Phone Flasher for Work

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I like listening to music when I'm at work.  I use IEMs, they're light and they isolate the noises out.  But the problem is I can't hear if my work phone is ringing.  I was wondering if you guys know of any gadgets that would alert me visually when my phone is ringing.


I tried this flasher:


But it didn't work for me.  After some googling, I found that that device does not work for some PBX systems and VOIP systems, so I would guess that my work is using one of those.



Any other suggestions?  Thanks

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come on guys no ideas?


I tried a different brand flasher, didn't work.


I also tried one of those music activated car stickers that animates with music/sound (the equalizer looking things) but the sound sensor wasn't sensitive enough to pickup my phone ringing so this didn't work either.


And I can't just turn up the phone ring volume since I don't want to annoy the guy beside me.


last thing I would maybe try is to build one using a raspberry pi or something. I've read somewhere that they can be used to build an answering machine. I could probably find a guide somewhere that would make it flash when I receive a call. Kinda expensive and would need a lot of work though so I'm saving this for last



any other thoughts would be appreciated. thanks

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