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Questions about FIIO X3

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I’d like to get a portable music player capable of fully utilizing the capabilities of hi-end earphones and I think of going for FIIO X3, but I’d like to ask two things first:


1. Will I need to get a Portable AMP/DAC as well?


2. When listening to MP3 320 files, will there be any difference in sound quality in comparison to the quality that I’d get when reproducing the same audio files in an MP3 player such as iPod, or the sound quality depends purely on the quality of the music files?


Thanks a lot. :normal_smile :

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1. No. The X3 is powerful, and the DAC is good.

2. Yes. Especially with the new firmware. The soundstage improves, and the background is completely black
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Thanks a lot for the helpful reply Trunks159 :beerchug:

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One last question if possible:


Would FiiO X3 be able to utilize sufficiently the capabilities of a pair of Hi-End headphones such as Sennheiser HD 650?


Thanks in advance. :o

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I'm not too experienced with the HD650. It'd be beet to ask here:
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

I'm not too experienced with the HD650. It'd be beet to ask here:


You can also research in the E17 thread. The X3 is supposedly the same DAC/headphone amp, only slightly better optimized. If you like what people say about using the HD650s with the E17, you should be fine smily_headphones1.gif
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