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Choices Choices Choices

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Ok i have the choice of one out of these 2 players, which one to go for and why ?


Astell and Kern  AK120




Fiio x5 



Cheers Richard

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Get the X5 and go on holiday with the savings!


The Astell & Kern has better SQ but is this worth the extra money to you? Only your ears and pocket can decide!


Also what headphones are you planning to use? Any extra SQ the AK gives might be lost before it even reaches your ears.

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Thanx for your reply,    i have a pair of Shure SE - 846s .    


I already have the Fiio x5 to be honest but I'm having a lot of problems putting music onto it. where on earth do i get music from to put on it ?


My Spotify account obviously won't let me so thats thousands of tracks i can't use. 


Cheers  Richard

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Take all the money you saved by not buying the AK120, and spend it CDs, downloads, etc.


Whats the point of a player if you don't have music?

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I'm not a spottyfier so I'm not sure what's involved - is it streaming only?


I assume you are able to connect the X5 via USB - maybe you're referring to the lack of internal memory and separate micro SD card when new? There are several possible reasons for why you are unable to transfer music.


If you have any MP3 files just drag and drop on your computer or rip CDs, you can convert to flac or mp3, then copy the files over.


The drawback to the streaming music culture is that you actually have no music of your own to keep!

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Yes ill try your suggestions. Thankyou.  how about the new Sony walkman high res player ?  


I want to try and get away from owning physical CDs, and have all my music online or saved. The trouble is once I've transferred all the music off the CDs they would go in a box and never be seen again. Such a waste.  HD Tracks is only in the USA at the mo, are there any UK HD track sites that i can purchase  HD tracks from ? 


Cheers Richard

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Apparently HD Tracks UK is imminent, but I got that from an article which is a couple of months old now.


I don't know the new Sony player, I cannot comment.

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