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For Sale: NVX Audio XPT 100

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
NVX Audio XPT 100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Headphones used maybe 5 times - in 10/10 Audiogon condition.  I'm honestly just too lazy to return it and I need to be punished for making a purchase that I didn't really need to.  So I might as well sell it cheap at a loss since I like head-fi.  


Priced stupid low because I am keeping the Travel Case, the extra cable, and the extra pads.  Meaning that only thing you get is the headphones (with 1 set of pads and cables).  This headphone contends with ~$100+ headphones easily.  Reason for sell is that I just prefer my Audio Technica to it (which cost twice as much).


Shipping & Paypal isn't included.

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Which pads and cable does it come with?

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The stock pads and the cable that it normally comes with.  I'm just keeping the extras.

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Sorry I meant if it was either the straight or the angled pads that it comes with, should have clarified.

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I actually didn't know there was a difference in pads.  I thought that was only for the Fischer audio products.

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