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For Sale: FS: Audio-GD NFB 3.2

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For Sale:
FS: Audio-GD NFB 3.2

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Little brother DAC of the NFB 2.1 (priced at $500).  Total cost of this unit was $350 shipped to the US.


There are minor scratches within the unit, but nothing major.  I'd say a solid 7/10 on the Audiogon scale.  Pictures will be loaded soon.  I un-soldered the ACSS input (used to connect between Audio-GD equipments) because I wanted to solder an extra RCA, but I could not find the right size so I gave up.  So currently, the only output is via RCA.



I can say with most confidence that it will be hard to beat the Price/Performance ratio at the price range I'm asking for.  I have owned a few DACs within the ~$100 range (Modi, ODAC, Fiio amp), and this equipment is just a tier or two higher.  I've upgraded to a balanced Audio-GD system and no longer need this DAC.


Keeping this within CONUS for now.  Shipping cost is not included.


Purchase this with the Burson HA-160 I have for sale as well and I will shave off 40 dollars off the total price.

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