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Headphones for around $500 for Jazz

Poll Results: HD 650, 600, Hifiman He 500, 400

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 83% of voters (5)
    HD 650
  • 16% of voters (1)
    HD 600
  • 16% of voters (1)
    He 500
  • 16% of voters (1)
    He 400
6 Total Votes  
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Hi there, I am new to the forums, so I will make this brief


I am interested in purchasing a new pair of cans (expecting to spend around $500) and I wanted to know what is a good idea.


P.S., I made the mistake of buying a pair of Beyerdynamic custom one pro headphones about a year ago... terrible purchase... 


My priorities are:


1: comfort

2: accuracy (how well the headphones can articulate)

3: neutrality (from past experience)

4: that they are open air (Custom one pro made the area around my ears sweat)



I do not care which brand of headphones, as I will be deciding on an amp and dac later on.


Any reply is appreciated

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HD6x0, hands down, although they are not neutral.  K712 and K612 are more neutral and accurate as well as open-air.  Comfort is great on them all.

I like HD650 most with jazz.

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+1 for the HD650 and jazz. 


Sax and trumpet can be painful with peaky treble (especially older classics) and the 650's smooth recordings more than most. Plus the little bass hump adds a nice punch to double bass.


I prefer the HD600 as an all rounder but if its strictly jazz then its a no contest imo.  

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