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My E07K that I bought back in October has spontaneously started having all sorts of issues. First it would give off some sort of current surge when powering on and off that would cause my right headphone driver to pop. Then it started randomly cutting out in the right ear, and now if I plug any headphones into either of the headphone jacks it makes the headphones emit a squealing sound as well as pops... Obviously this is failing and is not something I want to plug $200 headphones into to be destroyed. What is the best way to get this replaced? I bought it from JR audio but they apparently don't offer any warranty, and Fiio seems to be located in China; is there any alternative to having to ship the unit to China to get it replaced (which could probably take over a month)?


How do I actually contact warranty support? On their site they give an email, but it appears to be the marketing email so I am not sure if there is a more appropriate person to contact.