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For Sale: ALO CONTINENTAL V2 Portable TUBE amp

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello this is possibly the best sounding portable amp created with the limited tube and is in excellent condition in all black with gold plated sockets.

I bought this new open box from another member here.

The black box and packaging indicate that it is the latest rendition before they ran out of tubes and stopped making so V3 came out.

It has less than 100 hrs usage.
It sounds fabulous.

I am not into portable amps at all anymore and this has been sitting around with no usage since last year.

I am currently cleaning house of all unused items as I was call a "horder" by my GF and that my room is cluttered with gear.
Women don't seem to like this tongue.gif lol

Anyway this amp needs a new home and while I am temporarily insane enough to sell it.
I know I will regret this later but first to send me $275 I will ship out with all packaging and insured free shipping & paypal including for USA.

Outside USA you will have to pay for shipping.

Here are some photos .
The box is also black I will have those photos later but box looks perfect.
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ygpm! :basshead:

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Dude! Seriously!?


Man, I still regret selling mine now. Don't do it!


Or if you must do it... I'm tempted to grab it from you. LOL

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Wow. Crazy good deal. Great amp.

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I will buy (shipping to CA). PM sent.

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Sorry guys I already had 4 buyers in first few hours and it is gone..

I will miss this frown.gif
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