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For Sale:
Grado 325i cosmetically modded SOLD

Will Ship To: USA

Somehow I ended up with 2 pair of 325i’s. I decided to modd a pair. I took the aluminum housing off and trimmed it on my lathe with a high polish look. In the mean time I purchased a pair of GS1000 and they have become my go to headphones. I’ve decided to sell the 325i’s to fund a purchase of the PS1000. The second pair of 325’s will have Amboyna housing and they will be up for sale when they are done. ----SOLD----

I’m not sure trimming the aluminum housing changed the sound; seems like it did, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Seems like it removed a bit of the brightness found in the originals.


No shipping charges and paypal fees charged at my asking price.  SOLD


Thanks for looking.



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