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Get the Latest April Music Gear!


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April Music Aura Note V2 All in One Receiver



$3,000.00 April Music Aura Note V2 All in One Receiver


The Aura note v2 has many new features, including:

Top-loading CD player

FM tuner (preset 20 stations)

Two auxiliary inputs for external analog devices

Optical digital input (handling up to 192kHz / 24bit)

Stereo pre-amp output for use with external power amplifier or subwoofer

Primary USB port for use with portable music players like MP3 players or USB memory devices

Secondary USB port for use with personal computers (notebook or desktop PC, Up to 192kHz / 24bit)

125 Watts-per-channel power output by B&O’s Icepower ASX250 digital amplifier

IPod connection

One headphone output

With these kinds of options, the Aura note V2 has a significant improvement over the original Aura note and Aura note premier. A pair of loudspeakers and cables are all that’s needed to enjoy a very satisfying music system with the Aura note V2. 

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April Music Stello S100 MKII Stereo Power Amplifier



$1,200.00 April Music Stello S100 MKII Stereo Power Amplifier


Main Features & Attributes

Defying its small dimensions, the S100 MKII will provide you with highly desirable sound in deep and wide soundstage, speedy dynamics with power grip and amazing poise. Regardless of size the loudspeaker, the S100 MKII will drive your system to the fullest potential.


Neutrality, balance and harmony are the stated goal of the S100 MKII. The smooth but lively sound makes it easy to enjoy music.


Elegant simplicity of design applied by Alex Rasmussen speaks volume to S100 MKII’s musical and emotional confidence. The modest but solid finish minimizes numerous restrictions, enabling it to achieve superior sound.


The S100 MKII amp is designed to match any partnering equipment. But, when mated to the HP100 MKII Headphone / Preamp, the system will reach the optimal performance. And, be it bookshelf or floor-standing, the amp will drive practically any loudspeaker design. The preferred sound will differ from person to person, but start with the Continental European to British to American loudspeaker design in that order and you will achieve the absolute sound.

Absolute Performance

Tuned by April Music for optimal transparency and clarity, the S100 MkII will create the new world of music with excellent balance and dynamic harmony.

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April Music Stello HP100 MKII Pre/Headphone Amplifier



$1,300.00 April Music Stello HP100 MKII Pre/Headphone Amplifier


Key Features and Attributes

The stello HP100 MKII reproduces remarkably precise and articulate sound of sheer musicality. The ability to faithfully delineate the ultra high resolution software of advanced digital recording enhances any audio life-style, be it Desk-Fi or PC-Fi or Head-Fi.


The first note paints the wide sound stage. The depth the MKII creates is astounding. The soundscape it draws is accurate, painted by expressive mids to lively lows.


Alex Rasmussen, the celebrated designer from America, created the stello MKII chassis by applying his trademark design principle of elegant beauty and compact solidity, providing the elevated music listening and pleasure of possession.


When matched to the source devices with balanced characteristics, the stello MKII based system will offer you the unexpected result. The neutrality of power amp will showcase the intense musicality of the HP100 MkII. Mating the HP100 MkII with the S100 MKII power amp, the stello system will realize the higher imagination.’

Absolute Performance

April Music delighted the world with the introduction of stello DP200, DA220 and DA100 Signature and Eximus DP1 and, based on leading edge technology and innate experience, April Music introduces the stello HP100 / S100 MKII series.

The stello 100 MKII will reveal the clear-sophistication of music in palpable and spacious sound-field. The feeling is profound but natural, leading to extended auditioning without the listening fatigue.

Click to Learn More about the April Music Stello HP100 MKII Pre/Headphone Amplifier




April Music Stello HP100 MKII & Stello S100 MKII


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