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Stax left right cable help....

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How do I hook this up to my amp??
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Hook what up exactly? You mean the wires to the binding posts of the transformer? 


The SRD-7 has inputs for left channel, right channel, positive and negative, that you connect to your amp's output via speaker wire to convert it. 2 wires per channel. 

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How do I hook this up to my amp??


@hbarca, can you please provide a little more detail about the confusion that you are experiencing? We can all make assumptions about what the issue is that you are having, but it would be best if you describe in detail your problem.


What amplifier are you trying to use? What outputs does it have (5-way posts/banana plugs,screw terminals,RCA,etc...)?


If you give us a bit more info and describe what exactly you're having trouble with then perhaps we can better help you.



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