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Hi guys,

I'm new on this forum it's my first post here so pls if my questions are stupid don't shout at me. I only want to get some information which I couldn't find on internet.

I'm thinking about buying DAP Nova N1 by Hisoundaudio. I cannot spend a lot of money on player and I'd like to be satisfied. I'm not really demanding but I like when I hear good sound quality (oh, who doesn't like? ;) ). And I found this player and all reviews I read (there are only few available on interet) say it is really good player relative to its price. I know he is compared to DAPs like C3 etc. And I have few questions to you which answers may help me with the final decision. :D

1. How long is he playing without charging?

2. Which headphones (on-ear, in-ear) work with it well (I don't listen too loud, just to be able to hear some details, on my old Sony NWZ I don't listen louder than 10/30). Actually I use JBL J55 but I plan to but Sennheiser HD439.

3. Does it read tags? I like to have music well tagged and search it via artists, albums. I know some people have problems with it but maybe someone found a way to solve it.

4. Is it really worth its price?

5. Are there any better DAPs with this price? (but they must have SD card socket or at least 64 GB memory).

Ok, that's all so far, I think. Pls, help me and answer to the questions if only you could. I'm a newbie but I'd like to own good DAP and not to pay a lot of money for players like A&K, Colorfly, etc.

Best regards.