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Tried a little and gave up quickly. The SZ2000 uses an acoustical crossover, where whole regions of the frequency area influence each other, as both drivers work simultaneously over a big area, but phase inverted with mixed results (deletion, addition, balanced...). For example: the SZ2000 weakest point is the too loud lower mid area. So according to the book you add a small capacitor in front of the small driver to limit the lower bass/mid that it reproduces. What happens then is that you change the energy mix between sub and mid/tweeter driver. Lowering one in energy will simply have the same now be heared more strong from the other one. In the end the added capacitor, even when made very small (below 1 µF) had zero (!) effect - unless one disconnects the sub, then the change became audible immediately.


The existing crossover in the european E version and its minimal effect on sound (and one that doesn't make much sense when you see the component values) is another example of why this seems a very complicated and tedious task.

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It would help the headphone if an echo of the sound in the mids/treble wasn't coming out of the subwoofer.  A crossover with circuit parts is definitely needed, like with most good speakers.

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I agree with that. The frequency separation by the Kelton chamber is quite inefficient (contrary to what this technique does for bass pressure and punch). Problem is: the only solution would be a classical woofer crossover, means big inductor and big capacitor. And there is no space for that.


On the other hand I am perfectly happy EQing that phone, getting exactly the sound I always searched for. No need for modding, added weight and loss in efficiency...

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If one  of you guys buys a SZ and does the crossover thing I'd be interested to hear the results... but I am very very happy with the sz as is.


that said. for those who want to use a phone or lower power amp for a source, or don't want to do as much eq, the sz1000 has a lot of benefits. it can sound more dynamic where the sz2000 sounds flat until you give it that juice,

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Yes but, even my SZ1000 sounded nowhere near as good before I amped them and EQ'd them. Both cans from the SZ series are pretty much not plug and play based cans.

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Originally Posted by Strauss95 View Post

Quick update: I got my iFi iDSD Micro today and my god does it make the SZ's POUND! Completely blown away by the extra power it provides. It really made my SZ's wake up. Amazed how much power the SZ's will eat up! Bass has officially gone to the next level.


Also got my Mahogany TH-X00's. Surprisingly I was a little disappointed with their overall bass quantity. I guess I was expecting more. Probably doesn't help that I have been using the SZ's a lot testing out the iDSD, which would probably make any headphone sound weak in comparison lol. 


For those of you in here who have heard both the SZ2K and TH-X00, what would you say the difference in bass quantity is between the two? Like say in a "percentage"amount. From my testing if my SZ's provide 100% bass impact, I'd guess my TH-X00's provide MAYBE 70% at best. I mean they do still provide slamming bass and will vibrate my cranium, but I was expecting more. My Yamaha Pro 500's sound like they have a tad more bass than the TH-X00's as well. Roughly 10% more. That was what surprised me the most. 


With that being said, the TH-X00's do sound the best overall by a country mile. Very impressed with their overall sound quality, was just expecting them to bring a little more heat. 


FWIW I am boosting the sub bass heavily on all 3 headphones via EQ. 



Compared to the SZ everything is bass shy, but your findings about the Thx00 are true.  Since i've had the th600 before I wanted to try these out.  They sound great and the bass really digs low, but the quantity is NOT there.  I guess my memory served me wrong because i remembered the th600 hitting hard.  I told HBB about it and hes gonna fix the list, but yeah kind of a let down.   I think if the cans were completely sealed then impacted will be greater, but since these are semi open, some of the energy escapes.   Still a great set of cans and probably the best compromise of basshead and audiophile but not top 5 material.

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