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I just want to say that SZ2000 really sound better with an amp and a decent setup. I'm using them with 55x pads out of Bifrost Uber/Asgard 2 combo and the BASS is just insane. WOW


Its not just bass though, these cans now sound damn good, with big soundstage and no veil or muddiness. Very nice detail with smooth highs, no harshness at all. I also have JVC DX1000 and Denon D7000 2012 version here and honestly the SZ2000 sound more satisfying to me. Currently listening to live techno sets.



These were designed to simulate floor speakers.



The Real Sound System is a successful example of the application of speaker theory.

Miura“I have spent over 30 years as a speaker engineer, so for me, the sound that comes out of the speaker is something that I create. I had always wanted to create headphones that could reproduce the same audio quality that comes out of large floor model stereo speakers. Great audio from speakers requires consideration of the room in which they are enjoyed. In addition, it is generally not possible to turn up the volume of speakers in ordinary homes and enjoy their full potential. Headphones, on the other hand, let you listen to any music you like and as loud as you want, anywhere without concern about bothering others. For me, the headphones are the best way to listen to great audio. Our new headphones are inspired by my experience in building speakers based on the Kelton speaker design method and the Double Bass Reflex system. I believe there is still much speaker theory that can be exploited in the development of future headphones. Naturally we do not set out to do something new. Our objective is always the ‘pursuit of original audio quality’. I look forward to meeting more new challenges in the course of our quest to achieve this goal.”



I listen at high volume with bass pounding which is kinda "Live Beat"....and it makes me happy. Hard to rec them to folks who listen at moderate volume or without an eq as I don't do that so I have no idea.


I was doing a solid "A" "B" "C" with sz2k and Z7 and the unmodded D7K and came away understanding why the D7k has a loyal following. The Z7 got lost in the middle.  I was more impressed with the denon and what I already got.



SZ got no mud unless they are underpowered or boosted above 80Hz with sub bass un touched. In my experience.


Folks using a PC soundcard in their chain seem to have issues and that's power and if they use stock pads they deserve the hell they are living in:D