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Need help with my upgrade path!

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Folks, I come to you all asking for help in my upgrade path. I know there's a bazillion threads about upgrades, best combos, what's better than what, etc., but you can only infer so much until it's just not applicable to your own situation. That being said...



Current Setup:


My main rig is the HD650 paired to the HeadRoom Desktop / DAC combo. Both are amazing pieces of equipment and very capable in their own right. Let's just say I caught the upgrade/something-different bug.



Goal Setup:


HD800 being fed appropriately. 



My Proposed Steps:


  • (Now) HeadRoom Desktop > HD650
  • Schiit Bifrost Über > Schiit Lyr > HD650
  • Schiit Bifrost Über > Schiit Lyr > HD800
  • Schiit Bifrost Über > (Some sort of end-game amp) > HD800





Here's the thing: I love this hobby. Most evenings are spent reading through scores of threads and being really jealous of everyone else's gear. I would love to spend tens of thousands on equipment and different cans for different genres, but I simply can't. I'm a young guy, recently married, paying off school loans and desperately saving to buy a house for my family. I can't drop $3k on a setup right now, but I can certainly work my way up to it. That's why I'm thinking of upgrading from the source first.


The Überfrost is an incredible bargain, outperforms its price point and is expandable/upgradable. That's a great start.The Lyr has tons of power, gives me a preamp out (a strong desire, but not a make-or-break), should be just fine with the HD650 for now and has the power and warmth to drive the HD800 after that. This first step (Überfrost and Lyr, or alternatives) really needs to stay under $1k. That's a big reason why the Schiit gear is so appealing. 


What would I upgrade to next? Honestly, I'm not sure. I'd be fine with ultimately upgrading the amp to something in the $1,000-2,000 range. But from what I understand, that's not necessary to enjoy the HD800.



My plea to you:


(If you've read this far: thank you. You're seriously awesome and that's why I love the Head-fi community.)


I need some guidance from people that have been through this before. Most people have more disposable income than I do and have heard a wider variety of equipment. Unfortunately, while I still get the pleasure to pursue this hobby of ours, I need to follow this step-by-step upgrade path to make it financially possible. 


Tweaks to my plan, suggestions for equipment or simply an approval of my plan would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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I'd be tempted to get the HD800 first... then you have it to try matching with amps etc.  Rather than being stuck with amps/dacs you already have.  Plus, I think that


Headroom Desktop >> HD800


Will be better than


  • Schiit Bifrost Über > Schiit Lyr > HD650


And I'd go for smaller big steps... unless you're getting everything used, you lose a lot of value buying new and selling used.

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